Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ram's first day of preschool

Oh my heart.  Ram has been looking forward to this day longer than any of my other children have had to--or will have to--since his birthday is Sept. 4 and cut-off for school is Sept. 1.  He's very proud though that he is the oldest one in his class! What a treat to have his first day on his birthday!
He was sure proud of his preschool clothes (not to mention really disappointed when they were dirty on the second day of preschool...)

 I know that he had a blast, because he gave me a more detailed report than I think I've ever gotten from any child.  What a smart kid he is.  CharlyAnn and I had one precious solitary hour together-probably the only one we'll ever have since I'll be tending from here on out, and then new baby will come-so we went to the dollar store and got a gumball to commemorate the only hour of her life she had me to herself.
I think overall she likes company we were excited when Ram came barreling out the door (he got to be the leader since it was his birthday)
 What these pictures don't capture is the absolute crash he took on the sidewalk between shot one and shot two!  Haha, he took it like a total man and hopped up and kept going!
 Success! (Yeah, that's totally drool all over his backpack strap.  The kid likes to chew on things.)
 And since it was his birthday he got a pretty cool after school snack...which CharlyAnn and he promptly snuck to the table and did this with... :)  When will Oreo learn they'll make a ton of money if they just sell their cream?
Ram is smitten with preschool and I couldn't be more proud of him!

Ram's GOLDEN birthday

We are to our third golden birthday celebration within a one year time span.  And it did not disappoint!  We of course decorated for Ram, and the girls picked out everything this year.  They went with Monsters University and balloons that were "blue an green, because those are Ram's favorite colors!"  You can see the fun posters on the wall and the ceiling decor.  Ram was SUPER excited when he woke up, and the cutest thing you'll ever hear is a sleepy four year old say, "Mom, I saw the decorations!  Today's my birthday, now I am four and I know all my scriptures!"

We had a pretty normal busy school day, including swim lessons and a soccer game.  But the most exciting part of Ram's birthday was that he got to go to his first day of preschool--which also meant wearing is new school outfit!  He's a fashionista like his daddy, so this was a huge birthday treat!  We squeezed in a party for him right after school.  It was grand!  He basically got everything a little boy could ever want.

Here was the one visual representation we could get our hands on for GOLDEN birthday.  Count it!
Ram had the little boys dream cake.  Half his presents came on the cake and included every perfect little boy toy.

Pretty great!  Ram loved his birthday and he loves being a big boy now.  He feels as though he has truly turned a corner into manhood and it is adorable.  Nearly everyday since his birthday he has done or said something "because I'm 4 now."  I love it.  Ram is of course an absolute delight and we love him so much.  He is so smart, loves to spend his time coloring and drawing, loves playing basketball and climbing trees, has not been hindered one bit in his manhood by having three sisters, is an EARLY riser, loves mac and cheese, is very tenderhearted, can pronounce his /c/ and/g/ when he wants to, but usually doesn't, is a super good helper around the house, and wants to grow up to be just like his dad.  Love you Ramster!