Thursday, October 31, 2013

HALLOWEEN! (is exhausting)

For the record, we took our van into the repair shop Monday, Oct. 14 and we still don't have it back and won't get it back until at least Nov. 6.  That is a long time for a family of 6 to have only one car that fits 5.  So our halloween was different this year...but so so great.  Sometimes we run around in Eric's car like this...  
That's when only one parent goes along...but on really short in town outings--like our first Halloween party--we look like this!!

 Our assisted living center in town had a little carnival on Oct. 21.  It was super fun.  I like old people.
I know this picture is fuzzy, but I think Eric is hot.
So, the reason being vanless effected our halloween is because we never had the grand family outing to attend to costuming.  As you can see Brooke is the same (adorable) spider she was last year, Char would have been Rapunzel either way, so we're good there, Viana is wearing a size 2T cheerleader outfit, and Ram is wearing his church clothes and a cape, but seriously I died over how cute he was as a vampire.

The kids played some sweet games, and got sweet prizes...
Did you know Ram has the tiniest mouth ever?  It was so funny to see him try and get these vampire teeth in there.

So good at getting into their characters!
 We had our ward party on Oct. 25.  Eric was at our football playoff game, so I was flying solo and of course forgot the camera.  Bummer!  But much cuteness was had and the kids were super good.  We had some good soup and a nice trunk or treat!
The next even I forgot the camera for was the high school carnival on Oct. 30.  By this point I was getting a little done with halloween.  We were having costume break downs and much hunger and fatigue, etc. But we endured and ended up having a great time!  The high school kids do a good job.  And we got to see a magic show which the kids REALLY loved.
Today was the traditional elementary school parade!!  We were blessed with a BEAUTIFUL fall day, so I loaded the wagon and we walked down to the library steps to watch the parade.  I like my little day time buddies :)

We spotted our Brookie!
And then we saw Grady!
And Viana as a witch!  She totally told her teacher yesterday that she didn't have a costume so her wonderful teacher said she would bring her whatever she wanted.  She provided the witch hat, we were able to provide a dress and cape!
The babies enjoyed the parade so much!
For dinner we had the now traditional bones, eyeballs,  brain and monster blood!  Brooke was in a halloween mood, and while I was making the meatballs assuming they would be eyeballs she said, "Those are children's brains.  We don't kill the children, we just find them dead and eat their brains." CREEPY!  Viana was at a bday party, but came home in time to trick-or-treat with us.
 Eric's mom made him the most epic costume.  Isn't that amazing?!?

 Andy's Market hosted a trunk or treat this year at the park.  We started there and it was great!  Eric enjoyed passing out candy.  The kids enjoyed getting candy from the (basically) real batman!

 We then headed to the neighboorhood across the street from the seminary building.  We went there last year and it's nice becasue the houses are pretty close together.  We tacked on an extra block this year and were seriously rewarded for that choice!

 We had a ton of fun and went until we couldn't go anymore!!!!  There's a pretty sweet halloween shot!!!
And even though it's exhausting and halloween is technically over-we're not done yet!  It's Bishop Jones traditional party tomorrow topped off with our annual Carter halloween sleepover!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

31 on the 13th in the 13th year in a month with 31 days

This is what we have dubbed the palindromial silver birthday.  Some may go a lifetime without ever seeing this special occasion (or noticing it more likely).  But not us.  It was noticed and celebrated!  Since my bday was on Sunday it made for a great bday weekend!  It started with The Great 5k! (posted below) and then continued from there...You were thinking we went to an American History Museum maybe??

 Or maybe the national Football hall of fame? (How 'bout my kids trying to pose like Heisman...)
 Because really there was Abe right there...
 But guess what?  It was actually Scheel's!!  We never really did figure out the president's hanging around, but we liked them anyway.

I thanked this bear for making me feel skinny on my birthday weekend.  Don't you like my cute bag that I had just won at the 5k raffle?
Uncle Billy sported the dollar bill for his nieces and nephews to play some virtual sports.
And Scheel's provided the 101 picture opportunity spots. 

I love every single person in this photo and their expressions.

Much better at posing like a bear than the Heisman.
We let our 2 year old handle firearms on a daily basis
 After Scheels we thanked Billy and Krista for sharing their one year anniversary morning with us, and headed out on the town.  Mostly I ran some errands to buy things one can only get in Provo, but it was delightful and stress free and I loved it.  Then we went and got every delicious morsel of food I could think of wanting.  But none were as magical as my birthday cake from the French Bakery...Holy Heavenly!!!!

 We got some JDawgs and ate it at a park while the kids ran free before driving home.  We got home early enough for Eric to go to the youth dance for me and bring back more delicious food.  Food is my favorite part of celebrations I think. :)  Sunday was lovely.  Since Eric is now the high councilman rep for our ward we even got to go to ward council together.  What a great bday present!  I woke up to this too!  Yes!  Water storage!  And other fun too :)
 After church we ad a little shin dig in the dining room.  Anabelle really really really wanted to be invited.  He loves me.

See that little cat peeking in in the corner on us.  Oh my word, it was so cute.
Eric had every seminary student write me a bday card.  They were all precious.  So many of them talked about how my Done by 31 bday challenge was blessing their lives and strengthening their testimonies and I LOVED that.  One card said, "I would tell you I hope you get everything you wish for, but you already have the cutest family ever, so you already have everything."  TRUE TRUE TRUE.  Look at those perfect babies.  Ok, and the perfect cake helped.  :)  I assure you I single handedly ate half of that guy by myself.
And how does my mom do that every time???  In my secretest of secret desires in my heart I was wanting new frying pans...and she got me some!  How did she know it would be the perfect gift!!!
So, now I am 31 and Brooke told Eric today, "You and momma are twins because you are both 31 and you look like each other!"  Thanks for all the merry bday wishes!!

Janna's Journey 5K...Eric's first 5k EVER!

My dearest hall advisor friend Janna Martin was diagnosed with leukemia 3 weeks after the birth of her fourth child.  She is such a wonderful person and her family has been so faithful through this trial!  In support of her fight against cancer and to help with some of the medical costs, there was a benefit 5k, bake sale and auction for her in South Jordan on Oct. 12.  You better believe we went up!!  And you better believe Eric ran his first 5k ever!  And you better believe he never had time to train!  But he did it anyway!!  It was a chilly morning, so the kids supported Eric from the car while supporting Janna by eating bake sale items :)
Go Eric!  I wish I could have ran with him!

There was a good little crowd.  There was also a virtual 5k happening the same day for those who couldn't travel to South Jordan.  It was so heart warming to see the support.  That morning some men in suits came and registered for the 5k just to support even though they couldn't run.
Janna started the race!  (And was very alarmed at how loud the gun actually was:)
Go Eric!
I was so happy when Billy and Krista showed up!  They were able to go out on the course and cheer Eric on, he said it really helped him!
I love Janna!
Here comes Eric to the finish line...
And he did it!!  His first 5k was a big success!!
Trust me on this one...Eric is the 11th tag up there...
He was 108
Which means he ran a 23:48!!  Good job Eric!!
 So, while Eric was out running I was entering us into the raffles.  I entered for 12 different items and we won 3 of them!!  That's 25%!  Not too shabby!  And in classic Carter fashion the prizes we got were winners!!  Yes, that is a Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker.  And we won the Chick-fil-A bag which I hoped would hold oodles of gift cards...but we pulled out the book that Billy is holding...wha??  But AWESOME!  And cute purse that Krista has.  I love winning free (crazy) gifts!!
We had such a great experience and afterwards even made it to TWO different McDonald's in time for breakfast! (Two because me and Krista trying to communicate via phone over a location was as successful as you would imagine that scenario to be!!)
Good job Eric on your first 5k and keep fighting Janna!!