Friday, November 29, 2013

Due Date sans baby, aka Thanksgiving Day

Onward goes the non-baby life of adventure.  Since we didn't know when the baby would come (or will come) our Thanksgiving day plans were made based on the possibilities of baby, birthing baby, or no baby.  So Grandma, Granddad, and Uncle Ron, along with the 6 of us opted for a buffet feast across the street from the hospital.  It was GREAT!

They're pretending to be turkeys flying away
We went to the Frontier Village, which has a nice homey feel.
 I had the most lovely feast.  Eric ended up with the three big kids wanting to sit by him so I only had CharlyAnn to take care of.  I only got her little pieces of food that I didn't have to cut at all, so I just pigged out.  My plate looked like this...
 ...while Eric's still looked like this.  I'm not even kidding.  Eric was the "cutting up food into tiny pieces" champion!!
 And of course it was all topped off with endless pie!!
It was a lovely meal after which we all took a lovely nap and then had a lovely viewing of Frozen!  We loved it! We are so grateful for all that we have!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The waiting game...

In 2 1/2 hours I will be 40 weeks pregnant.  That is wonderful, but I have been dialated to a 4 for at least the last 9 days, so we honestly and fully expected a baby by now!  But never fear, not having a baby has given us the following opportunities: Mom came and she worked her magic and got my house ready!  She babysat so that I could go with Eric to watch him play two rec league basketball games.  She babysat so that Eric and I could go to a PHENOMENAL concert that we were gifted tickets to by kind anonymous parents.  Nathan Pacheco gave us one of the greatest nights of our lives.  It was a FABULOUS concert.  After which we stopped in at the Sadies dance. She made Eric pumpkin pie, which we then were able to take to our ward pie brunch.  I was able to go to church and make it to a meeting, and Eric was able to give his first high councilman talk, at which point his mom had come and she was able to watch him give that.  Eric took Monday off so that I could be induced, but I was an emotional wreck over that, and hey-when we went to the hospital I was still only a 4 (ok, they said I was a 4+) so we went home, and actually squeezed in some birthday shopping for Viana.  Eric's mom babysat so that Eric and I could go to see Catching Fire on Monday.  I was able to go to mutual yesterday night which was awesome and successful, and Eric and I went to the JV basketball game, then I went and caught the tail end of the varsity game.  And today, since there was STILL no baby we decided to plan ahead and get in a premature and miniature HOT POT TROT!!!  (Because hopefully tomorrow I'll be having a baby?!)  So, although we can hardly wait to meet our new little one, we have been having very successful use of our time while we wait!  .

I gained 70 lbs. this pregnancy and I never sleep.  Can you tell?
There it is!  The hot pot!
Eric ('s shadow) was there too!
Did we forget to mention that Brooke pulled out her second tooth?  So cute!
 Wen we got back from our minature hot pot trot we decided to bust out the Christmas boxes!!  We got an upgrade in our tree this year.  Thanks mom!

CharlyAnn's branch! :)  I think all of our kids have done this around this age and it never gets old, so cute!!
The good news is I feel relatively great and not very miserable, so we are happy to let this baby be good and ready! (But seriously baby, any minute is fine with us!!!)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Eric and Viana got to be in the High School's production of Joseph this year and it was phenomenal.  We were so blessed that they were asked to participate!  Viana was in the children's choir and Eric was a hairy Ishmaelite.  They had SO much fun.  They originally asked 3rd grade and up for volunteers, so when the director asked Viana to be in it because she knew she had experience and would do well (from Broadway review) she had already missed some rehearsals.  Never fear, she learned those lyrics so fast and you would never have known that she missed a day.  Eric and Mr. Cavan, the directors husband also had a ball inserting themselves into the show here and there to keep a good momentum and to essentially steal everyone's hearts.  Their little parts were a big hit.  They performed 2 dress rehearsals and 4 shows Nov. 14-16 and the kids and I watched 5 of them...and we LOVE every single one.  Even CharlyAnn and Ram seriously enjoyed watching the show.  Everyone did such a great job!

Here's the whole cast at curtain call.  Eric is on the right edge :)
 Yes, that really is Eric!  You know he had fun on that scooter during the show!
 This was Eric goofing around...he's Donny Osmond!!
 Children's choir!!  The narrator in the red jacket is Lexi Epling, Viana's complicated twin, best friend and IDOL.  Viana's on the bottom road in the red shirt.
 Look at the method acting!  She's seeing Joseph walk in for the first time.
 Eric on the right with my accordian.  This is during a scene change.  It was wonderful interlude!!
Good job Eric and Viana!  It was so fun to be involved with the show!
Here's a little bonus video of Eric being Donny :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Irony for Krista

If you want the good stuff that includes 'irony for Krista' you must read to the end of the post.  To begin with, exciting news on the hastening of the work of salvation!!  So, you know how I like to have my birthday challenges and share them with the seminary students?  Last year was 30by30 and we had 63 students memorize 30 scripture masteries in 30 days?  This year we had Done by 31 in which I challenged the students to read the entire Book of Mormon by the 31st of October.  Eric and I thought this was a much more challenging goal that would require a lot of sacrifice and commitment so we estimated 10 students would do it, with hopes for 20.  Well let me tell you what...see that box?   
It is full to the brim and overflowing of the coveted Sis. Carter Breakfast burrito reward.  We had FIFTY- SEVEN students do it!!  57!!!!!  HOLY COW!!  And I had the opportunity to have so many of them share their testimonies and experiences with me and I can testify--The Book of Mormon will bless your life!!!  I know that because student after student told me that!  And of course it blesses my life everyday!  And other students are finishing daily as they got such a big jump on their reading in the beginning.  Hoo-Rah for Israel!  So, those burritos were delivered Monday of this Eric's car because, by the way, we STILL don't have our van back.  Can someone help me be mean and demanding so that I can get my car back and get a discount for it taking them A MONTH??  No?  I'm just a patient forgiving person?  Okay.
It snowed on Monday!  Pregnant woman who loves eating ice=so blessed... :)  Annabelle was HILARIOUS in the snow!
 Ok, so on to the 'irony for Krista'.  Last Saturday we were SO BLESSED to have the Hiatts come visit us!  It was so GREAT!  We were outside and the kids were playing like they do and Krista said something about CharlyAnn being our most crazy child.  In my head it sounded something like this "CharlyAnn is your craziest kid...she'll be the first to end up in a cast!"  Krista and Billy left at 4pm, and THIS...
 ...happened at 5pm!  HAHA.  It wasn't that crazy of an accident though.  CharlyAnn was down on the ground on all fours kind of spinning and dancing around then all of a sudden her arm gave out from under her and she started crying.  I picked her up and she fell asleep in seriously like 30 seconds.  So we let her sleep and when she woke up she started crying again right away and was holding her elbow.  I could tell something was wrong, but didn't really know what to do.  Eric checked for an obvious break, but we couldn't see or feel anything, so then we researched it on the internet and decided it was probably nursemaids elbow (ligament slides of the bone basically).  It said we just needed to have it popped back into place, which of course things like this only happen on a Saturday night, so it was off to the emergency room...We got there at 8pm and left at 11pm...CharlyAnn was so exhausted and hated having people pull at her arm.  The doctor tried putting it back in once, but it didn't work, so the second time he said he felt it go back in and so we said GREAT! and left.  Well, Sunday she was still not moving her arm and crying and saying it hurt.  We had our EMT neighbor try and pop it back in at church, so he tried, but he said it felt like it was in.  Weird.  So she suffered all Sunday.  Then Monday she was STILL not using her arm and complaining.  So I called our doc and got her an appointment.  He looked at the xrays from our emergency room visit and said there was a hint of fracture that could have been missed since they did a whole arm scan and not a specific elbow scan, so he wanted to get elbow xrays done, because when he tried to pop it back in he said he couldn't feel anything out of place either.  He did give her tis sling to elp her keep it immobile.  She likes that "big bandaid" a lot! So, Eric took her in for more xrays and she was still miserable and at that point I hoped they would find a break just so we could help her!  After they finished Eric took her to Wal-mart and Eric called me from there and said, "CharlyAnn just moved her arm!"  And sure enough when they got home she was ever so carefully using her arm again!!  And then she told me it was all better and that was that.  Back to normal by Monday night!  I called our doctor and told him Tuesday, and the xray had no break, so that was that!  I think when our doc tried to put it back in he must have slid something in and then once the soreness wore off she was back to normal.

It was an odd little accident, but I just found it so completely ironic after Krista had just observed the zestful and somewhat hazardous spirit of CharlyAnn!!!  
And I am dilated to a 2.    :)