Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy weekend!

We had such a great weekend! It was pretty much just normal life but it is a lovely life to have. In reverse order our weekend was lovely because...
Church was great. We had meetings and firesides and lesson teaching and more meetings amd home teaching and mission farewells and choir practice and musical numbers and Eric even had time for a nap and I made a delicious dinner and there was much sibling love and even succesful potty training. I love Sundays. And Emery.

Saturday in backwards order was lovely because we stopped at Krispy Kreme on our way out of Provo and went inside. It changed the childrens lives. They loved watching the donuts being made in front of their very eyes. And when you have a big family and the sign says "hot" you can buy a dozen donuts and get a half dozen free!
And before that the children played for seven minutes at Chuck E. Cheese so momma could nurse Emery. They each got one token and unlimited access to the slide tunnels.

That also came as a blessing of the children behaving so well as we celebrated the upset by the Rams in the state play-in game! Not only did we get the upset, but we took out a one-seed!
And before that the children got to play at the play area in the mall with Andy and Summer while we went to Costco and bought our years supply-or at least tried to since Eric completely forgot his pin number! It was pretty funny. We were able to get my card from the van at which point Eric remebered his pin. :)
And before that we hit up the disney store and they happened to be having an animation academy where the children learned to draw Olaf. Tears were only shed by Viana (no eraser on the pencil). Their pictures were so cute!

Before that we chummed around Sports Authority and had Summer teach us about stationary bikes and spinning bikes-which are now on my wishlist.
Before that we had yummy lunch in the mall food court and CharlyAnn peed a) on Eric's leg then b) all over the chair he stood her on then c) allllll over the floor. It was a lot of pee.
And that was because before that on the drive to Provo we stopped three times on the side of the road at her request, but she had serious beginner's stage fright so had stored up quite the stash.
Before that we decided today was the day to make it to Provo based on the content of an email Eric recieved the night before regarding his masters program freeing up his schedule from drastic amounts of research for the time being.
Before that we got to eat cereal in the living room and watch cartoons.
Before that we slept pretty good-Emery is on the verge of making it through the night.
And before that we saw The Lego Movie. For free. And we liked it!
And before that we had McDonalds dollar menu for dinner and played at the playplace.
And before that we browsed Kmarts treadmill and stationary bike selection (surprisingly decent!).
And before that we decided: Let us now commence a weekend of epic proportions.
And there you have a full report on a ridiculously delightful weekend.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 13 of LOVE!

I LOVE puns!!  I'm not very good at them, but some of my family members are PROs!  Here is my attempt to carry on the Roy family pun gene:

FHE this week was a BALL!!
Remember when we had our pirate night I committed our family to more dress-up?  And remember that Eric and I went to Monroe's sesquicentennial ball?  Well we melded the two ideas and had a family ball for FHE!   
We got all dressed up, curled some of our hairs, and the girls even got to wear make-up.  We went to the church and brought our "25 Classic Romantic songs" from Eric's BYU humanity class.
And then we DANCED!!!

It was a great night!  We truly had a ball!!

Day 12 of LOVE!

I LOVE taking a break.  :)  Hence, I love that my husband is a teacher and we get "breaks" throughout the year.  I can't imagine a year round job with no breaks in sight! (Ok, I know that's not how it really is, but still, I like a husband who works on the school schedule!)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 11 of LOVE!

I was taking a shower this morning pondering what I should post today when it hit me: I LOVE my shower! It is literally the world's best shower. It has amazing water pressure. The water gets nice and dangerously hot.  And the shower head is built for tall people! It is so wonderful and can be such a great relaxer. Thank you shower builder for creating such a gem! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 10 of LOVE!

I LOVE flat pillows!  I never realized this until late in my life... Probably because I had the same pillow for 10 years and didn’t notice how flat or fond I had become of it. But one time we were at a hotel and the pillow was so fluffy!  I hardly slept at all! That's when I learned of my pillow snobbery. So I took my favorite pillow to girls camp and it essentially was ruined. I was using flat couch pillows until Eric kindly bought me a pillow for Christmas. When he was shopping he saw the flat kind for $2.50 but wanted to spoil me so he got a nice fluffy one. Well, I loved the gesture but kindly asked for the cheapo flat guy. It all worked out great though, because the fluffy one makes a perfect back to lean against when I sit up in bed, and my flat pillow is perfect for sleeping! Here I am with my 2 pillows! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 9 of LOVE!

I LOVE dancing! In my next life I will be an excellent singer and an even better dancer! I've always enjoyed any kind of dancing,  and even felt fairly proficient at swing dancing back in the day. It makes me so sad the youth around her don't have monthly dances like both Eric and I did growing up. But fortunately for us, Monroe is celebrating its sesquecentennial all year and the kick off celebration was a ball. Way to go Monroe,  you rock! We had a lovely date night after our ward party and it was so fun. The middle school gym was hoppin' with Monroe delight. And we even got to do some swing dancing!  I loved it! 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 8 of LOVE!

I LOVE potlucks! I just love all the choices,  and tonight was especially fun as it was a world cuisine celebration for the Olympics! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 7 of LOVE!

I am my father's daughter and agree with the little child (Charina or Summer...) who once said on a campout; "Here's your favorite your book daddy!"  I LOVE the Reader's Digest!!!
I have been enjoying the RD for YEARS!  It all started as bathroom reading in mom and dad's bathroom.  I would read the magazine backwards and only read the little funnies at the end of stories and the "Laughter the best medicine" etc. sections.  But as time went on I began to read te intriguing articles.  And now when I get it I am so excited for a day spent reading cover to cover!!  I just love that little guy like you wouldn't believe.  And I am a big fan of Liz Varicelo(-ish) the current editor.  I really like what she's done with such a classic and enduring favorite.  I LOVE RD!    

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 6 of LOVE!

I LOVE this duck outfit!!  It has been my favorite since Viana and all 4 of my girls have worn it.  I like other outfits and remember them when I pull them out of the box between kids, but I look forward to putting my babies into this one!  It's just so stinkin' cute!

It has such cute little ducky feet.
And an even cuter ducky hat bib thing and the ultimate cuteness bum duck pocket!!
Unfortunately Emery is nearly grown out of it.  How can I be sure of this?  Because she weighs 11 lbs. 11 oz.  Let me remind you that is only 5 oz shy of what CharlyAnn weighed at 7 months old.  And Emery is 2 months old.  WOA!  Big Baby!!  

I think most of her weight comes from pure CUTENESS!
I LOVE this outfit on my babies!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 5 of LOVE!

I LOVE girls camp!!!  Hopefully this is no secret to those of you who know me well though!!
I would go to girls camp every year of my life for the rest of eternity if they let me.  I went all 6 years as a youth, 2 years as a stake leader, one year as a priesthood tent sleeper for a night, one year as a workshop speaker with Eric, one year as assistant camp director and one year as young women's president.  So far that is 12 years of camp experience bliss!!  Everyting about it is joyous.  Especially the part were I don't shower for a week--and neither does anyone else! Ha! ut obviously the very best part is the abundance of the Spirit that one can feel at girls camp and the unity that is formed between girls.  THE BEST. Last year's camp was our ward camp and it was great!  Here are some brief highlights...
We did skits is a bag, they were great.
We all had study and ponder time in nature.
We had an epic hike which turned out to be everyone's favorite part of camp.
crazy pic!
Love these YW so much!
They did a rail walk for part of the hike.
We had a blindfold potion of the hike.
Then a beautiful testimony meeting.
Manning Meadows on our very own Monroe Mountain
old pioneer cabin in Manning
deer checking us out at camp
ELK!!!  By the dozens!!  IT WAS AMAZING!!  I squealed like a little girl like you wouldn't even believe!!

This was a momma and her two babies, she was so protective an guiding of them around presh to see mother nature keep mothers as nuture-ers!
Good ol' campfire.  Convenient cabin in the background.
Lake fun!

Yes, yes, April our asst. camp director washed her hair.


It was such a great week and our girls were SOOOOO good.  There was not an ounce of drama.  It was so wonderful and so spiritual and so good for the soul.  I LOVE girls camp!!