Saturday, April 26, 2014

Meemaw's visit

We were so so so lucky to have CharlyAnn get potty trained in March so that my mom could come with Doug and Sydney as her reward! The best part of my mom's visit(s) was the TIME she got to spend with us! Too often our visits are short (but always sweet) so it was nice to just relish in her presence for days! We had general good work and much fun and good eats and better treats and walks and discoveries and all the good things of life!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Annual Easter Talent Show

I don't know how this tradition got started...but I love it! This year the family was really into it, so I think our talent show was over two hours long. It was pretty precious family time. We had some sweet performances this year too! Eric sang "Come thou fount" in Fijian.

Emery really liked it and was totally tuned in
Viana sang "If the Savior stood beside me"
CharlyAnn was cute and wanted a turn everytime, so we had lots of snippets of her dancing and/or singing.
I demonstrated my french-braiding skillz
Ram performed his boy-ness.  He twisted and turned and jumped and spun and bucked and flopped and did general boy things for ten minutes straight. No joke. We filmed 8 minutes and 53 seconds of it. It was utter boy chaos and pretty hilarious.
When we finally forced his to stop he flopped on the couch and said, "I'm sweaty."
Viana and Brooke did a moving rendition of "So you wanna build a snowman" with their own version of Elsa's verse.
 Ram wanted to sing Frozen songs too, but he wasn't completely sure on all the words, so he asked Viana to help him.
 It was pretty adorable to see him watch her for the cues to the next set of lyrics.
 Brooke also sang a song, and then she performed some of her karate moves, including my favorite-her statue.
There was also a few more musical numbers and extra family dancing thrown in there and it was all so relaxing and so enjoyable.  Happy Easter indeed.

Easter Marn

When we have morning church we always leave a note to ask the easter bunny if he'll come back during church.  He has always been gracious enough to agree. It's nice because it helps us not get overly distracted with commercial Easter and remember more about real Easter and then we have a higher chance of getting ready for church on time :) This year though, somebunny came and left us a delightful easter morning surprise!  

Church was great. The ward choir sang, the primary sang, and Eric and I did a duet! Acapella! It was super fun. I love to sing with Eric! I also had a sweet lesson with the YW on the first vision and easter. When we came home we discovered that the easter bunny had come!

This year we got the kids new baskets-that happened to come with toys in them. Best idea ever!
Emery enjoyed her first Easter
So did Anabelle!
 Then the hunt was on!

CharlyAnn was thrilled when she realized there was CANDY in the eggs!
Daddy was there too! (And he was as dashing and ridiculously good looking as usual!)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Andy's Easter Egg hunt

It was not until I typed the title to this post that I realized our grocery store is named after my sister's husband! Haha. Anyway, we love Andy's.  They are just the best.  And they had a sweet egg hunt this year!  And it was extra fun because grandma got to come!

We forgot baskets...but found hats in the car:)
I look tired...
Viana had achievement days, so she had her own egg hunt.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Master Carter!

Eric did it...he graduated with his Masters Degree!!  I was so proud of him. We were so happy to be a part of Utah State University-Southwest.  It meant we had a small and charming ceremony in Ephraim.  It felt so personal and really highlighted the true triumph of Eric's work over the last 4 years! Seeing Eric work so hard really showed me how deep his goodness goes. I was always so amazed at the integrity Eric had throughout the entire process of his masters.  He is such a good man. He is really the best man I know. Good Job Eric! I love you!!

They had this in the lobby.  There were only 26 graduates so they had a bio on each one.

Entrance Processional

There he goes to get hooded!  The last time he'll have to have it draped over his arm!
I of course had a horrible angle on the hooding.  But I was crying so couldn't see very good anyway ;)

Recessional: Master Eric!

This is the part where I was totally like, "Kids, I want a really nice picture of our family-so be good."

Brooke decorated the program for Eric :)

It took Eric 5 years to get his undergrad and 5 kids to get his masters!

And after all was said and done the children sang their hearts out!!
The very best part of this means more family time for us!!