Friday, May 30, 2014

May(be)30=Love notes!

I'm going to be so sad when May is over after tomorrow. Not because May(be) will be done...I'm hoping it will have created the option for a modified habit of more frequent posting...but because Eric has been leaving me love notes everyday this month for our anniversary. He knows me so well: I love love notes, surprises, calendaristic shows of affection, and puns-with which most of these included. Maybe this too will for him have created the option for a modified habit of more frequent love-noting! :)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

May(be)29=Summer munchies

Ya know, I am no perfect mom. There are A LOT of things I don't feel like I'm very good at. There are other things I don't know if I'm succeeding with. There are some parenting choices we make that I never know if they will be good or not. There's endless amounts of laundry, constant piles of dishes, meals with no nutritional value, messes in every room, dust on every picture frame, and spots all over my tile floor. But among all those short-comings, there is one thing that I am so very, very pleased with: my children are best friends. I know there are many years ahead of us...but for now--they love to be with each other. And I am so happy about that. One lovely time of gathering for us is snack time and lunch time! It is such a fun time with all my babies home! Snack time turns into food art.

 Lunch time the art gets even bigger.
 And then sometimes they just keep on sittin' and make traditional art too!

Love these best friends so much!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May(be)28=10 years!!

We have officially been married for one decade. Best decade ever. My husband is perfect, and has been at least since I told Elder Lund as much back in 2008 during our GA interview. Marriage is the greatest and I love being a wife and a mother. We are celebrating in June up in Seattle and Portland, so today we just stuffed ourselves silly with good food... like one of the best lunches ever. And then we saw Epic (hooray for summer movies). And then the girls had pictures for softball. And then a game. And then we got our car washed and picked up some tacos. And then we got some snocones. So good. Great day of celebration! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May(be)27=Rice cereal

Well, making it 27 days into "a post a day in May(be)" leaves me with a pretty average post today! But it was monumental in Emery's life. She had her first rice cereal lunch! I'm pretty sure this is the longest I've gone before giving my babies solids. It helped I think because she downed that stuff like a pro! She had all 4 siblings gathered around watching in interest. CharlyAnn was especially intrigued that it was "baby cereal", so the rest of the day she wanted to know if there was "baby popcorn" or if there was "baby pizza". It was pretty funny. Emery is at that "I'm developing so fast, don't blink or you'll miss it stage." She's sleeping through the night, she is the most consistent burper I've ever had, and she loves her family!

Monday, May 26, 2014

May(be)26=Memorial Day

For memorial day we ventured down to Beaver, UT, which is only about 50 minutes from Monroe. We went there because Eric was on familysearch the other week and discovered/was reminded that his great-great grandfather, Isaac Philo Carter is buried there. This is the ancestor that we named Ram after, so it was especially thrilling to think he was so close to us. It was a WONDERFUL experience. Family history is seriously so thrilling. He and his wife, Matilda, had a beautiful tombstone.
I loved all the details that were included: "In memory of Isaac Philo Son of Gideon H. and Hilda B. Carter Born Mar. 11, 1829 Brooklyn Vt. Died July 27 1913 Heyburn Idaho Age 84 yrs 4 ms Father of ten children." We come from the tenth child-Leo Ten Carter. It gave us a whole new perspective on children...without that tenth child our family wouldn't exist. 
They even had their own flag pole.
 Isaac's dad Gideon was killed in the battle of crooked river, but Isaac was a part of the Mormon battalion-they have this awesome marker to symbolize that.
One of my YW said at Sis. Hinckley's grave there are all these pennies on it and she didn't know why. Ironically enough, I saw on facebook an infographic about coins at graves. Each coin represents something different, but a penny represents your visit to that person's grave. So we brought 7 pennies and decided to leave them on the battalion marker.
It was a beautiful cemetary. I also liked how it was under the shade of the trees.
"Sacred to the memory of Matilda Dau. of Amasa M. and Louisa Maria Lyman. Wife of Isaac Philo Carter 

"Father: Mother, here lies at rest, as ever God with his image blest. The friends of man the friends of truth The friend of age and quide of youth."

 Buried next to Isaac Philo were three of his ten children-which would be Leo Ten's brothers-Eric's greatgreatgreat uncles:
Named after the maternal grandfather
Named after the paternal grandfather

One thing we didn't realize was that Isaac Philo and CharlyAnn have the same birthday!!!
And that he was born in BROOKlyn
We did in fact realize that he and Ram share a name :)

You can see on the right edge of this picture the cement in the grass. It originally went all the way around this plot of Carters. It includes the tombstones you've seen as well as Matilda's parents tombstones and one other broken one that was illegible :(

We had such a great experience finding our ancestors!!! What a memorable memorial day for us!