Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jeremy Evans...In Monroe!

Don't feel bad if you don't really know who Jeremy Evans is-I didn't either. But now I do and I am A FAN!! He is a player for the Utah Jazz. And e also won the NBA slam dunk contest in 2012! The Jazz do a sort of an outreach program to local communities in the summer-and this year he came to Monroe! Our children went because their dad loves basketball. But by the end of the little camp they loved basketball too!! It was just an hour long of games and fun and Jeremy was so awesome with the kids.
They got to ask questions and Viana asked Jeremy what his favorite Disney movie is. Lion King.

Brooke totally just got blocked by Jeremy Evans.
What you can't see is that he tried to give Ram a little assist :)
They played like 12 on 2, and Brooke was totally into trying to steal the ball from Jeremy!

They had a 3/4-court shot contest and our kids chose to be on Jeremy's team-they cheered with much fervor when he made it!
Viana got her shirt signed afterwards!
We also had to take a picture with this guy-because he probably has one of the coolest jobs ever. NBA escort dude.
Cal out Ram for a high-5! (he was the cutest and littlest guy there afterall!)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Broadway Review

Let me tell you something. Broadway Review in no way left a taste like this in our mouth-

Emery's first pineapple yogurt experience
In fact it was a hair-raising experience!
Emery's first hair-do (look close, there's a tuft on end)
But before I get into the nitty-grittys of how pure and perfect the experience was I will tell you some history.
First off-Eric was practicing his Harry Potter magic skillz and one of his spells blasted a hole in the high school band room. Because of this all of the band room was moved onto the stage at the high school.

This left the Broadway Review homeless. Fortunately for Monroe, the Carol Theater has been under restoration. The majority of the project would be done in time for Broadway Review. Infact, they held a black tie opening social. We were there. 

 And we even shared written memories; which they told us would be used as lobby wallpaper. They didn't tell us those of us who have an eloquent command of the English language would be published in the paper too.
And make memories with my children I did!!
For weeks before Viana practiced and practiced and practiced her song, "I know it's Today" from Shrek the Musical. It is a song sung by Fiona at three different ages throughout her life in the tower as she 'knows it's today' that her prince will come. She would sing on our porch to give it a more romantic tower feel.

Finally, the big day came! The very same day that Orion got married! We were there! It was wonderful.

Photo: Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Wilson! #Orephanie

We drove home after the wedding luncheon where Eric and I attended sans kiddos as Chelsea DeMille, a past student now at BYU took our kids on campus
so that we could make it home in time for opening night! We tried to dye Viana's hair orange to match her Fiona counterparts with minimal success, but made it to the show on time!

 I had not yet seen the entire number, and had only heard Viana practice her harmonies alone. So the opening performance was my first go at the whole number. You guys. I BAWLED. It was so beautiful. I have never been more proud. Viana was singing with her heroes, and she nailed it. I could not control my happy emotions from spilling out my eyes and choking out my throat! Sobs up in here! Plus, the song in general is just so cute. Eric is going to try and splice up the footage to upload on here, but here are some stills until then.

Viana starts out the song as 7 year old Fiona. I wish it wasn't quite so dark, because she worked really hard on the emotions she wanted to show on her face and they were so darling. Here she say, "Just like me"
"Needs a haircut"
"So I know, he'll appear"
Then she twirls off stage as her 14 year old self comes out. This is Malerie Thompson. She'll be a freshman next year.
Then she twilrs off stage as her 21 year old part comes out. This is Alexis Epling-Viana's ultimate hero-she'll be a senior next year.
Then, as Fiona reaches her limit she starts praying to God, "It's me Fiona"...and all three come out and sing their hearts out. *Cue CJ's heavy sobs*

Viana's stage presence BLEW ME AWAY.
She was so splendid. Well, all three of them were so splendid. It was magical.

Closing night Grandma brought Viana flowers even :) She certainly deserved them!
Now we are sad it's over, but the song still lives on, as CharlyAnn can be heard singing all day long,  "I know it's today, I know it's today, i know it's today." It was great!!! Hopefully we'll get the video on soon!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Pioneer Day!!!

This was (as always) such a great Pioneer Day in little ol' Monroe! It was super great because we celebrated in ways we haven't yet. After 6 years of living here we finally ran the Milk Run!! (The same one mom won a few bucks from one year!) Luckily, Diana and Emily came to watch Viana's performance, so they could stay with the kiddos, so Eric and I ran together. THE BEST.
I had walk/jogged the July 4 5k with my friend Leiann in 48 minutes, so my goal was to run this 5k is 35 minutes. Look how I did...
Nailed it! Plus we totally didn't even cross the start line for like 5 seconds after the gun blew, so our actual time was probably like 34 min. 57 sec. :)
 After we ran the race we came home and got ready for the parade. It is Monroe's sesquicentennial this year, so our stake president wanted awesome floats from each ward. I was not in charge of our float at all until it was the day before the parade and I was in charge of the float. Good thing Eric brainchilded the best float ever! And it helped that we have a train in our ward. So, our theme was "From Train conductor to Space Ranger: Monroe, 150 years down, To Infinity and Beyond to go!"

 That's right, Eric rollerbladed the parade as Buzz Lightyear. I guarantee you that he made the parade for many, many people.
 So, some of us were pioneers, some of us were space rangers, and it was awesome.

CharlyAnn loved the train ride part of it.

Emery was presh and slept the whole parade
Occasionally Eric would have people want to take pictures with him...this time he had like 20 people want to take a picture with him
 Seriously, he made these peoples day! He was a hit; and although I didn't see the rest of the parade, I am certain he was the most fun and interactive portion of it.
 And then just like that we saw Grandma and Emily!! We called Viana's secret grandma to see if they could sit with her at her house-shade and prefect seats!

 Initially the idea was to have the youth decorate the float. Due to a number of mishaps that didn't really happen...but they did manage to make this cute sign!
 The town theme had Faith, Freedom, Family in it-so we included that on the cars.
 And the youth did manage to make this cutie too.

 So the parade was so fun, and hopefully people not only enjoyed Buzz, but also appreciated our effort to connect it to the celebration as well. After the parade we chilled at home for a bit then headed to the park for lunch and fun! The kids thought they would try human bowling, but then decided just to watch.
 They fished for toys...
 And got real fish too! (3 of 4 have since died)

We didn't take pictures of the BBQ, concerts, raffle, parpagliders, fireworks...but it was in fine fashion this year! Those paragliders really make it something special. And so does the raffle-here is a list of our winnings this year:
Coupon to Little Ceasars
Jump Rope
Water Bottle
Two card games
Bullies ice cream cone
Free shake in Gunnison
2 combo meals at Taco Time
2 tickets to Thanksgiving Point Gardens
$10 gift certificate to Main Street Perk
Stovetop Smoker
The raffle did us good this year, and we are fully committed to use every single prize. We more than made our money and were totally "that family" whose name kept getting called (except not really because the Anderson/Mathie lot that is always "that family" won 28 prizes combined)
Hooray for Pioneer Day! And Broadway review will be it's own post because I have never been more proud in my life (saving ordinances not included).