Saturday, August 30, 2014

Important things we forgot to tell you

1. Eric had surgery
2. We got a new cat

Both important events detailed in pictures below.
Eric had 25 lympoma (fatty tumors) in his back that would give him pain and discomfort. So if they're going to put you under, you just attack all of them.
He ended up with 20 incisions and had all 25 removed. Right after he was coming out of his anesthesia he told me he felt like he got in a fight with Wolverine and he said, "You should see Wolverine." Love that husband. I believe that all the cuts will heal up to almost nothing except for two of them which had to be cut bigger and wider. They will ship off his 25 lumps to testing just in case, but all should be fine, and hopefully this will help the overall health of Eric's back-if for nothing else that he can get a massage now!

This is Coug Coconut Carter
We named him this because we've always liked the name Coug, and look at the patch of skin behind his ear-it is colored just like a cougar! His middle name is Coconut because CharlyAnn did NOT want to name him Coug, she wanted him to be Coconut. But she calls him Coug anyway.
Coug is cute, and Viana likes him, but overall he is nothing like Annabelle. He hates all of us and runs away whenever he sees us. But he is cute and good at tree climbing and stays on our property and will probably be really good at catching mice and even though he doesn't like us all that much, he still tries running into our house so he can go inside the organ like Anabelle used to. And to his demise, somehow CharlyAnn can always catch him and he is tolerant enough of that.
It will be ironic that Anabelle, the perfect cat, was only with us for 10 months, but this cat that is less than fond of us will probably be ours for the next 16 years!! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

First day of school

Somehow these first days seem to be coming quicker and quicker. Time is such a weird thing. Just like that Viana is a 3rd grader. I can actually swallow that just fine. But for some reason I cannot even fathom how Brooke made it all the way to 2nd grade. Mind blowing. I guess part of that probably comes from Brooke being right behind Viana in school but still 19 months younger than her. The girls have dream teachers this year and so the first day was one of excitement and anticipation! Not a nervous bone in their bodies.

 The girls posed so nicely, but I couldn't et a real smile out of I was happy to catch this Brookie (FIRST day of SECOND grade!)

I also was maturing in my drop off parenting. We did our normal routine and they hopped out and I waved and they were off. I was surprised at how well i took the whole thing really. But, Viana prayed the night before that they would be triumphant and confident and that is just what we all were.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Roy reunion! Pt. 1

We certainly did not take the amount of pictures that I wish we would have, but we did get some! Kolob was beautiful!

That's a lot of people!

Minute to Win It was so fun!!! I have more pictures of that for the next post.

We loved our hike up the public access road to the caves above our house!

Plus mom spied a real tarantula!! It was amazing!

We loved loved loved the reunion!!! More to come!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


One of my favorite events of the year is the S&I couples convention that Eric and I get to attend together. It is always so spiritually edifying and refreshing and inspiring. Not to mention the 48 hour date that it is! This year we were in Nephi, which was just close enough to go to Provo for dinner with the Cowans and Torgrimsons. Admittedly we went to Farr's Icecream for dessert first. But that's only because our dinner reservation wasn't until 8pm! We went to the hip and trendy restaurant Communal. As you can imagine the eating experience was-communal! We ordered 3 entrees, three appetizers and three sides. Our first dish was watermelon with carmelized onions, feta cheese and a cucumber mint sauce. Choochie, right? So went the rest of our dishes. It was so stinkin' good.
blurry group selfie!
I think I look like Emery in this picture!!
We had great seating...look just over Eric's shoulder...

Provo Tabernacle!
All the food. It was so yummy and so fun!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Young Women Activities!

These pictures are out of order...
So, the stake trek this year was the replacement for girl's camp. But there's no way i would ever give up girls camp. So we had a mini-camp this year. We biked from Sevier to Big Rock Candy Mountain (6 miles) and camped right on the river. We floated the river, crafted, gamed, ate, firesided, testimonied and slept. Then the next day we ate, morningsided, ropes-coursed and biked back home. And it was perfect!
For part of the ropes course we got to do a zipline. I have never done one before. It was so thrilling and fun!
This was me on like the 4th run, So i wasn't terrified for my life and could let go and enjoy the ride.
 We just ziplined all around the trees and over the river. And all of us would just be balanced on these itty bitty platforms together. That part was almost as thrilling as the ride!
 We then had to cross the river on on line and it was HARD and we laughed at those who went before and fell...and then our turn came and we understood. So fun!
 And there was also generic ropes coursing.
 The weekend before camp we went to Cove Fort for Cove Fort Days. Cove Fort was established by President Hinckley's grandfather and is about 30 miles from us at the junction of I-15 and I-70. During the Days they have a pioneer village set up, free lunch and carriage rides! Fun!
 We packed a pioneer handcart, climbed the fort walls...
 Oh, look, random picture from girls camp with the bikes! (Of which I rode 4 on the way up because of break downs etc in efforts to get the girls the best bikes :)
and back to Cove Fort,

 They dipped their own birthday candles :)

 The Cove Fort missionaries have the best garden!
 Back to girls camp-that triangular tower is the original tower we climbed up into to start the zipline. I was way more scared than I thought I would be!

That's me screaming my head of as I cross the river.
My beehive Kaci had NO FEAR.
Crazy camp glasses=successful camp!!