Monday, September 29, 2014

block partty

For our ward activity in Aug. and Sept. we each had our own block parties. It was really great! I volunteered Eric and I to cook the chicken-unfortunately I bought the wrong chicken and nearly ruined to night! It took us 3 hours to cook not enough chicken. But it was good when it was ready! And luckily I had enough chicken nuggets in the freezer for the children! It was rainy weather the whole weekend and even that day, up until it was time to gather and fellowship and then the sun broke through the clouds and paragliders even jumped off the mountain behind us. It was a lovely evening, and next time I will buy enough of the right chicken!

Eric' view of the night! Bless his dutch-ovening-grilling soul!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dear Santa,

Eric and I went to the High Priest activity today, in which the nice couple he home teaches let us use their awesome 4 wheeler to go galavanting around the beautiful mountains of South Eastern Utah. It was perfect. So if there is room in your sleigh we would like one please with a gas card too. If that is too heavy for Rudolph, we will continue to borrow on special occasions. Thanks Santa. Love, Eric and CJ

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ram's day finally came!

It has been a long wait for this little guy, but he finally made it to the first day of school!! He is going to the Headstart pre-school this year, where Ashley teaches, whose sons I watch. It was a hard change for me because we love Ms. Carma so much, but this is what worked best for us this year! It's 3 1/2 hours a day Tues-Fri, plus bus ride time. That's right, Ram gets to ride the bus to and from school. And they feed him breakfast and lunch. And it's all free. Sweet deal! Ram has been patiently waiting to wear his new outfit until today. He did not waste time getting dressed this morning! What a handsome son I have.

 We waited and watched for the bus and it finally came and Ram ran right out!

 See ya later Ram! Have fun at school!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Picture dump

I'm trying to catch so doing I found some pretty random and cute pictures that had to be shared!
One day we were having a huge rainstorm and the big kids were running around outside enjoying their childhood. Except for CharlyAnn. Can you see those little fingers sticking out of the top of her rain cave? Cute!
I love when CharlyAnn asks to hold Emery. It just is a funny ratio of big sister to little sister.

Emery's curly hair is just too cute!!
Remember when Eric's car broke down on the way home from the reunion? You wouldn't believe how cheap it was to fix that guy! Less than the tow! Anyway, we had a fun trip to Beaver to pick it up :)

Sometimes there are bats on the seminary building. And sometimes there are bats in the seminary building.
We got the best prank ever!

It was fun driving around in a Just Married car. I felt like we must be doing a good job of helping the youth to see how wonderful marriage is!
Football season is in full swing, Brooke made herself a nice little bed to settle down in and and eat her lollipop. She didn't make it very far. :)
And Coug is so cute. And guess what? He likes us now. Happy day.

The Big House: the rest of the story

I finally got around to putting up the rest of the pics! I, like the rest of you, don't have all the pictures I would hope for, but do have some winners!
My favorite part of this picture being that Ally is sportin' her jammy shirt all day :)

 Swimming was much fun! Even the swarm of baby spiders tried to get in on the action by hatching all over Eric's sunbathing swim trunks!

 So much happy loungin' was had by all!!
 We hiked to the plumb top of that awesome mountain.
 Eric and I were lucky enough to take dad to the St.George airport and then go to the temple!! It was wonderful. And the St. George airport is in the middle of nowhere.
 May we never forget that mom nailed the Minute to Win it games!!  Life dreams fulfilled all around!

 The next series of photos is a little game I like to call "The Squints"


 The cousins had the best week of their lives together.

 Some alien nation will find these pictures in 1,000 years and really wonder about us humans.

Look at Krista's hair whipping around!
Alright! That's "the end"!!