Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween day finally made it to us! The kids woke up SO excited. Brooke said, "This is the most important day of my life!" It was so cute and they were so excited. Then Eric wanted to take their pictures and Viana got really grumpy. But she pulled through. :)

 I had "the day off" so w went to the halloween parade and then i even got to go help at Viana's halloween party. I was a witch teaching them how to make witches brew. It was so fun.
Brooke giving us her introvert microwave. :)
 Viana had a HALLOWEEN PARTY! She was so excited to plan and prepare for it-which she did a great job at. She invited 4 friends over and had 4 activities and treats. We played "Make witches potion" by trowing animals into pumpkins.
 Then we had a monster mash dance party, and everyone was judged by Eric. We played "down by the banks," the hand game.
 And then we went to the Haunted museum! Viana had set up all sorts of little spooks in the garage and gave a tour to the kids. It was awesome. And it culminated in the 6 heads in the freezer. That is the one plus side of having a broken and empty freezer!

 That night we had the Joneses traditional Halloween pizza party and trick or treating! We had a lot of fun trick or treating this year! This kids are starting to get old enough to really enjoy the long, cold, hard work that it is!

Of course we had our sleepover too! I'm so sad I didn't take any pictures of it :( But it was great!! (Even though CharlyAnn woke up with a fever and Eric ended up on the couch with a Viana and a Char on him...ha! Memories are made out of this stuff!!)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

halloween carnival/ward party

Remember when I botched our block party? I was back to botching again. I reported our school carnival was a different date than it was in ward council, so we scheduled our ward party right on top of it. Oops! Good thing my husband is awesome and took the kids to the high school while I set up the ward party and then came to the ward party too!

 BAhahahahahahaha! I was a crazy lady...from nacho Liebre-hence the bull on my shirt and the matrador cape-to help you feel like I was representing a spanish theme. But Emery-CUTE CUTE CUTE!

We didn't even get a good picture of Eric! Sad! He was two face and had split his suit and double pants and it was awesome.
So, for the ward party we decided to do a fashion show for the kids instead of trunk or treating-so I of course took it CJ overboard. But I'm sort of in my element when I do that. So here I am managing 60 kids and 50 treat bags and it was great.
 And best action shot of Macie ever!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CharlyAnn's Halloween parade

Ms Carma had the genius idea this year of having a little parade and show for the parents. Because pretty much nothing is cuter than 3 year olds, so three olds in costumes singing? Couldn't be better!!
What could be better for a three year old than to see their parents on halloween celebration day though? Mostly the parade was the children running to their mom and cute.

Mini Bro C and mini Bro B!

Super girl is Johnee who I occasionally tend. Today was one of those days. I was her biggest fan!
It was pretty much the cutest show I've seen!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

5 year old trip to Circus Circus!

We called it a family tradition after we took Brooke to Circus Circus when she turned 5 because that's where Viana went when she turned 5. But now that we've done it for 3 kids-it is certainly a tradition! Granted, Ram turned 5 in September and we couldn't make it to Las Vegas until October, but we knew we'd go and we did! The kiddos all loved it, and since our fall break was on a Monday this year we had the place to ourselves! It was a super fun little vacation. CharlyAnn loved every single ride and would have the happiest face on until the end. Then she would have the most forlorn, saddest look. At first i thought she got hurt or something, but nope-she was just sad the ride was over. Hilariously adorable. So here's the proof we loved it!

CarlyAnn had to take her map with her of course.

This was Disc-o, a "big kid" ride that I had to convince Brooke to ride. She did and LOVED it so then she convinced Viana to ride it too. They both loved it and declared it their favorite ride (I loved it too!)

the FIVE year old of the day!!

Eric did the Batman lazer challenge. He placed 14th out of like 4,500 people who had done it! Yeah Eric!
Our view out of our hotel room was sweet! We were on the top floor of the tower!
Rainforest cafe aquarium at the MGM
We went to M&M world and had fun too!

They had a short little 3D movie with the M&M's and the kids still talk about it!

It's pretty fun living 4 hours away form Vegas. It makes for a nice little easy get away! CharlyAnn already has her eye set on her fifth birthday!!