Thursday, November 27, 2014


What do these 4 pictures have in common??

Here's a group shot...see if you can figure it out...

 Wait, it gets better...
 5 for 5 girls with braids!!
Yeah, I was one totally ecstatic momma on Thanksgiving! We were going for the indian look I guess. We had the very best Thanksgiving this year. It was absolutely perfect. Mainly because we took a day trip up to Jamie's house, and she made the best Thanksgiving dinner I have ever ever had. It was perfect in every way, and somehow she pulled it off totally stress free-from my perspective at least. Just sit down and eat this massive feast I prepared without you even knowing. It was amazing. I don't even have any pictures of Jamie's feast because I was way too busy inhaling it. Thanks be to the Lindes!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bishop Carter

Well, here we are:
 It will be quite interesting to see how different our family will be in 5 years when Eric is released. We'll go from 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 to 6, 8, 10, 12, 14. But Eric and I will still be in our 30's. That's good at least :)
Eric and I have said at least 5 times to each other in the past 10 days that we need to be writing down all the amazing experiences we've already had with his call to be Bishop...before he was even set apart! Our stake president told us that the blessings would be ample and I am already a believer! Eric is such a great man I know he's going to be an amazing bishop. We've gone through all the emotions possible this week, but today, on the very day of his sustaining and setting apart, I have mostly felt happy (fruit of the spirit) and grateful. We have been showered with so so so much love and support. From ward members, stake members, friends near and far but mostly our wonderful families. Holy cow are we two lucky peeps. We sure are grateful for the opportunity and especially to our Heavenly Father and his Son. It wouldn't be worth it or do-able without them!! So, here we go. On to the most eye-opening 5 years of our lives thus far. We're excited!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Wizard of Oz

We are so thankful to Mrs. Cavan for giving the children of Monroe an opportunity to participate in the musical! Viana, as you know, absolutely adores it-and Brooke was quite the charming star herself too! The girls got to be munchkins and all bias aside, I'm pretty sure they were the cutest, most animated, most in-character munchkins on the stage!

Not to mention they got to perform along side Lexi their hero!!

We were so proud of these girlies, and it was such a treat that Daddy was getting called as Bishop that weekend so that Grandma, Uncle Ron, Meemaw and Grandbill could come watch too!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brrrrrrrrigham Young Football

Eric works closely with the recruiter from BYU over our area of Utah. Because of this he arranged for us to get 4 tickets to the BYU vs UNLV football game and suggested we bring some students who may be interested in BYU to show them the ropes. Best gig ever!The two girls we brought are both athletes who want to play in college. So we made a stop to the Legends building. It was sweet! I haven't really spent much time in there before. The big girls stayed in Monroe with the Grants so we'd have room in our car for McKenzi and Bailey, we left the two littles with Krista and Billy, so we just had Emery. 

National Championship Trophy. Cool!
It was forecasted to be a very cold night, and the weatherman did not disappoint! But, we were at the game and so excited. Nothing quite like college football!!

 We definitely had to get Cougar Tails!! Those things are massive.
 I hope next year South Sevier has fireworks that go off when the team enters the stadium :)

 It was SOOOOOOOOO cold. So Cold. Our core stayed decently warm, but I lost all feeling in my feet. I had Emery in so many layers she really was this huge marshmallow-arms sticking straight out to the side and everything. It was so fun. We won, so of course that increased the fun level!! It was a great night and we are so glad that it worked out for us to go!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hi Blog, I'm CJ. Nice to meet you.

Remember how awesome it was when I blogged everyday because I knew how valuable this family history record was? And now I blog once a month? That has got to change! Our life is too full and blessed (and fast!) to leave it unrecorded! So, here is some catch up. I will start with the main reason that I missed such consistent reporting and recording. The other life events I'll just post date if you're ever interested :)

SO: CROSS COUNTRY. Best accidental hiring I was ever involved in! I loved loved loved being the head coach. It was the best and the kids were even better. I learned a lot, and hopefully enough to help us improve even more next year. My husband proved once again to be the greatest human being on the planet by valiantly and patiently watching the kids after school and every Wednesday when I would board a bus with the best teenagers around and travel Utah to watch them run. What a cool gig! We had one runner qualify for state and one runner make academic all state. So the 3 of us got to go up to Sugarhouse Park in SLC for State. It was a beautiful day. Lexi received her academic all state award first. I took a lot of pictures of her. Just enough to leave hardly any battery for Jared's race. Oops. But isn't Lexi gorgeous? They actually announced her as Alexa (she's Alexis) so I had 1 of 2 options. 1) Scream as loud as I could "Good job Alexis!" so people around me would know that was actually her name. Or 2) Scream as loud as I could "Good Job Alexa!" so that her and I could laugh and laugh about it. Of course I chose the latter option. Anyway, here are some of the battery draining pictures.

Lexi and Jared. Jared is our closest relative in Monroe. His cousin married Eric's cousin. So our cousin's kids' are both of our first cousins once removed! Anyway, he's a sophomore and he is a champ. Lexi is this stunning, amazing, talented, drill team captain, lead in the play 3 years in a row, student body senior, spiritual giant-and Jared totally asked her to Homecoming for his FIRST DATE! Yea! It was a totally fun day. Anyway...
State Selfie!
Starting line...all the individual qualifiers look so lonely in their boxes...Jared is the 6th guy in.

And they're off! Jared is 905. But more importantly notice the boy in the dust on the ground behind Jared...Haha, false start!! You should have seen the gunman that got to blast that round! It was like he was born for that moment!
 The second start went off moments later...then the hundreds of people that were gathered all turned from the start line and started running up this hill to the next most accessible cheering spot. It cracked me up! Run, people, run!
 As you know cross country races are as joyous as they come. Jared didn't run his best race but did pretty amazing for a sophomore! (Hey, his parents came to watch him...and for his dad to reminisce...he ran this same course for his state race 30 years ago!!) I'm pretty excited for Jared's future. Can't wait to get back on the trails with my presh team this summer. I love them all so so much!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

picture dump

The nice thin about cameras these days is you usually always have them with you and they take pretty good pictures! Here are some from the past little while!
Las Vegas is a cool place at night

Cross Country banquet! We had it on Oct. 23 right after state. I made everyone keychains with their PR on them and they were so cute! I cried and we ate a lot of pizza and it was great!

Red Ribbon week at the high school had some great spirit days! It's fun when Eric can do them!
Jaxon Swalberg...he's my runner
Bryley Leemaster (some say we look alike) and Jared-my runner!
And here's so many cute pictures of first officer Carter!! (Roy-accordin to the tag)

Jones party! keegan tried scaring Emery
And fun trick or treating pictures!!

Malerie (who Viana sang with at Broadway review) made the perfect merida!
Curls after a bath=my favorite!!