Wednesday, December 31, 2014

new year's eve

We said goodbye to 2014 in roarin' fashion. 
First of all we woke up that day and watched cartoons with our cousins. Score!
In 2003, I went to Eric's house to meet the fam when we were dating. I was there over New Year's, and on New year's eve we went to Chuck E Cheese. Sine then our family has spent a few more NYE's at a CEC as well. So it was especially traditional and fun to head back to the original CEC this year!

We earned like 3700 tickets as a family! We used it to "buy" Granddad a tootsie roll pillow-to remind him he could cuddle with sweets but shouldn't eat them!
Once CEC closed we went home and played games...until I got tired. I of course fell asleep before midnight, so did Tyler (far corner of couch), and Brayden (ottoman on the floor)...but Eric woke me up at midnight and convinced me to stay awake until 2 playing more games! It was a fun night-and
Ron was the hero of new year's eve because I had a movie quote stuck in my head that I couldn't figure out where it was from and it was driving me CRAZY! The quote was "You're gonna need it" said in a grough swaggering tone. I knew it was animated and I knoew the character zoomed off after...Ron won with Toy Story 3, the army man as he flies out of the window. Whew. 2014 was the greatest year of my life!! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Washington trip

On Dec. 27 we got a call from Diana that Jack was in the hospital and unresponsive. We had made plans to go to Colorado and then fly to Maryland to see Nick for the new year, but those plan's quickly changed. Although we were sad for the circumstances, we had a fabulous visit and we are so thankful for all the miracles that we saw take place while we were there. Jack essentially went into a diabetic coma. Blood sugar should be under 100, and his was 800 on the day of the accident. He didn't recognize Diana, couldn't speak and had right side paralysis. He went from that to this joyous reunion with ALL his grandkids in 4 days on New Year's Eve. Although his recovery is not yet complete, it sure has been speedy!

 The grandkids all did super well with the hospital. No one was really uncomfortable or shy.

 Well, excpet for Ram, this is as close as he got to Granddad. That's okay though.

 Jack and Diana's posterity! 4 boys and 13 grandkids!
 Brooke gave Jack no less that 10 hugs.
 CharlyAnn too.
 I love this picture! He has this coy smile like he just loves eating sugar, and Diana's looking at him like he's gotten himself into real trouble! We are so blessed to have grandparents that love and support each other through THICK and thin!

Sunday, December 28, 2014


I can't ever remember a Christmas morning starting at 5:40am. But now I will. Those were some excited kiddos we had! We had to go see if Santa came!

This was about how blurry our eyes were from the early morning.
Sneak out...check the milk and cookies...
And then go crazy!

Viana asked for a remote control owl, I told her those don't exsist. Santa is magic tough...that is a remote control owl. Owl face on the front and feathers on the side.
Coug! Santa brought a BYU collar per request of Viana for Coug!
So reveled in our santa moment, I then sent Eric back to bed (no joke), then I made cinnamon rolls (frozen as delivered by a ward member) and eggs and bacon, woke up Eric at 9, and we were ready for the rest of the day!
Nativity first of course!! Don't worry, Ram was indeed a ninja sheperd/Joseph.
We then divvied out the presents...we were blessed so much!

All of our wildest dreams came true.

And then we played the rest of the day. Some of us in our ninja turtle masks.
The most magical part of the day was the SNOW!!! It has been such a warm winter with ZERO snow. So we were beyond in love when we finally looked out the window and saw the winter wonderland! And it was fulfillment of life dreams! So, the kids played in the snow on Christmas day.

It was such a delightful marvelously wonderful Christmas! We were so blessed and felt the love of so very many friends and family! We are so grateful to Jesus Christ and the celebration of his birth!