Thursday, December 31, 2015

Church History Museum! A++ Farewell to 2015

On our way back from Hawaii we hung out with the fam...meaning ALL OF MY FAMILY. That was a pretty great hour at the Hiatts. Too short, but so grateful. I have no pictures, but will get the family one eventually. Before that great family gathering though, we hit up the Church History was soooooooo good. I LOVED it. Our history is amazing. And the church is true!!

 Emery loved it...
 Their kids area was really neat and we had a good time in there too!

 I'm a displayed museum artist.
It was a great way to wrap up 2015 with family!!
We drove back to Monroe after the fam party, cleaned the house the next day and had a fun New Year's Eve Party at our friend the Zabriskie's!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The last hurrah

It is a happy coincidence that our last trip was not our first! We have had 3,yes three,canceled flights that threw a wrench into our plans. How crazy is that! But it all worked out because we had a delightful trip to Kauai!
These are the tickets from our first cancelled flight. We were going from SLC to LAX Sunday night. The flight was delayed, delayed, delayed, then we finally got on, started onto the runway, went to de-ice, then the pilot came on and said the co-pilot clocked out. By like 2 minutes. Becasue they switched which end of the runway planes were taking off from. So, by the time we got back to tht egate, deplaned, and waited for our tix for the next morning's special flight (they added just for all of us!) it was 2am. So, I looked up on the recommendations for SLC, and we went to A3, put on our sleeping masks from Jetblue, and "slept". It was very awkward to go to sleep alone and wake up with 70 people sitting around starring at you! Haha.
But then we made it to LA the next morning, still not really sure where to go.
On that back mountian is the HOLLYWOOD sign. LA is such a massive concrete jungle. When we landed we went to the reader board and started looking for ideas, we saw Lihue and didn't even know where that was. But we looked it up, it was on the Hawaiin island of Kauai and it was wide open!! So, we decided to go there!!
Neither of us had been, but I knew it was mom and dad's favorite. Our first glimpse of the island did not disappoint!! We knew we made the right choice!
It was legit the garden island. So beautiful. And the weather was insanely perfect. 
We didn't know how long we stayed, but I tried to look for a hotel, and they were all sold out (except for the $600 a night option=pass) so we thought we would just take the 10pm redeye to LAX and hang out with Ron the next day. So we had about 8 hours in Kauai!!
First stop; Shrimp Station!!
We could see the waves at the end of that street while we ate to die for coconut shrimp
There's only one road on the island, so we took it north east to the end and stopped whenever we felt like it. So fun!!!
We went out to the lighthouse look out point which was also some sort of bird reserve. They had these funny ducks everywhere (the one place the chickens were outnumbered!)
This stop was so cool. Black lava rock everywhere. Soooo beautiful.
This beach was HUGE. And the sand was so perfect.
And we found waterfalls! Yes!
It was really funny to see Christmas decorations out because it's perma-summer there. But still fun!
We went to list on the 10pm flight and it was gone! It got cancelled, so we had to take the 8:30 flight to DEN instead. When we landed on Tues. Dec. 29 the airport was crazy! We still thought we could fly to Ron's and hang out, but guess what? That Orange County flight got cancelled! But, we luckily got tickets (seats together!) for our LAST 2015 LEG to SLC. 
What an AMAZING year. Seriously, we will never be able to adequately express our gratitude to mom and dad!! It was a blast and we got to go to so many great places and see so many great people. SO Amazing. Thank you!!!