Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cheesy Smiles

First of all, we had a massive day of family cleaning on Saturday. It was awesome. Even little Emery figured out how to work a wipie and it was so cute!
We cleaned so much because we were preparing for our first Bishop youth fireside at our house. As you know, our living room isn't all that big...but we still fit all the people that came in it! I told everyone they had to give 2 thumbs up and a cheesy smile. Pretty obedient youth!

And here is the best cheesy smile! Emery has figured out what to do when she sees a camera and it just  makes me laugh and laugh and warms my soul.
And basically with that smile of hers I now know which sister she looks exactly like!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

When the cat's away...

Eric here! When Halcyon took that epic road trip to Texas Viana, Brooke and I did not just sit around watching the house get dirty because our momma wasn't here to clean it! Oh no! We had fun! and kept the house clean!

(I apologize that these pictures aren't in order...you'll forgive me! :) )
 Momma gone allowed for me to pick the girls up from school, but since I usually wasn't done with work that meant they got to come back to the Seminary with me. Viana had fun drawing, but mostly doing multiplication on my boards!
We took a super fun trip down to Cedar City on the Saturday (Jan. 31) and in some free time we went and perused a Deseret Book. I found a Bishop book that I thought would be helpful for me and since I was going to buy something for me I decided to get presents for the girls! They were pretty stoked about that decision. Brooke picked out this tithing box--don't worry she still loves to take it everywhere! Truth be told she basically just uses it for a piggy bank.... :)

 Viana wanted to get the next book in the Kane Chronicles as seen here in these pictures!

 Running away from the "scary" witch!

 We had a sweet night out on the town Friday night (Jan. 30th) We had dinner at a new restaurant in Richfield--the Main Street Grille (pics below) and then watched Into the Woods (pics above, but you already knew that because you just scrolled through those...). The Main Street Grille is located just across the street from the theater in an old Bank! Inside they had decorations of wanted posters of bank robbers. Brooke wanted to know all about it, but Viana--on multiple occasions--asked me and Brooke to not talk about it because she was worried it would give her nightmares! :) [Like Into the Woods wouldn't!]

 Because of the old-school nature of the restaurant the girls wanted to do a couple of old time looking pics

 The reason for the Cedar City trip was to watch an SUU basketball game, featuring starting guard Race Parsons (#13) a former seminary student! It was awesome! Brooke liked finding her initials above the doors--Viana liked jumping in front of the picture.
 Race is awesome!

 We had great seats! It was a lot of fun!

 The girls love these statues (at SUU). They would have easily stayed an hour just to play with the statues. They even "adopted" them as their family and gave them hugs goodbye! :)

 And for dinner....? Well, when we were in Cedar, so we definitely had to make a Costa Vida stop! We pigged out. We even got 2 desserts!

 Saturday morning, before going down to Cedar City, we went to the temple! The girls got to hang out in the annex while daddy went to a sealing of two wonderful students he taught--Marissa Mills and Kyler McIntosh. It was an awesome experience and the girls were awesome! Thanks to Jessica for helping watch them!


Let me tell you what: we are some LUCKY people to have a dad that worked for United! Flying is the best and it is so nostalgically wonderful and I am so happy that it is our turn to fly the friendly skies. We jumped bot feet in on presiden't Day weekend and it all worked out! We said lots of prayers, and had lots of faith and Heavenly Father blessed us time and time again. Because not only did we make it onto the 6 flights we wanted to make it on, but we were assigned to sit next to each other on 5 of them, and the last flight we were just one row off, so the guy traded seats with Eric. AMAZING! AND SO FUN! Oh, not to mention we got to go to BOTH of our parents houses!!! (Not that we have ANY pictures of that-but it happened. Reports are: Jack looked awesome! We are again so blessed by his recovery. And Colorado had so much snow!) We flew on two flights a day for three days straight, so what I do have is lots of airport pictures. Which, by the way, we discovered layovers are God's gift to the stressed soul! (And BIG thanks to the Linde's for keepin' the big kiddos!)
So, here is proof that we traveled like Kings!!
Anne Hathaway was our stewardess
On our flight to Pasco and then our flight out of Pasco we had the same stewardess and we all thought that was pretty cool.

Haha, this is to remind myself that we wore the same clothes for 3 days straight too :)
Our romantic Valentine's dinner was McDonald's while waiting for our name to be called.

I love the Denver airport. Plus, this just looks like a mall!
Emery loved the free reign of the empty gate areas during our layover.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 9 of LOVE!

I LOVE this mothering gig. CharlyAnn brought me in a nice collection of dead weeds today and said, "Here mom I got these for you!" I said, "Thank you! They are lovely! Put them in the trash for me!" Later on I found this set-up...she just couldn't imagine that I actually meant put them in the trash. She thought surely I meant put them on the lip of counter above the trash. I'm not the mother of the year, but CharlyAnn thinks I am!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day 8 of LOVE!

I LOVE fruit pizza! Which is also the same thing as saying I love any fruit dessert. The best wedding reception I ever went to was Ben and Kelsi Wannamakers because I ate a million fruit tartlets. This week for FHE Viana made this beautiful creation and I was one happy momma! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 7 of LOVE!

I LOVE the seminary students! For many obvious reasons, but also they give me the chance to use my planning skills...and I really LOVE strategizing efficiency. They has a January goal to pass off 3,000 scripture masteries and they did it. Ergo, they needed to celebrate! Eric said, "Can you make 280 cookies?" I said "Sure!" Enter my love for strategizing effeciency and BAM! I present 10 of the 18 sugar cookie pizzas I created for the seminary students who I really do LOVE!

 You should have seen me at work! I had a system and it was good! I get giddy over analyzing different options to carry out plans of mass production such as this!