Sunday, March 22, 2015

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I love Prom!

The greatest thing that ever happened in relation to my prom experience at SSHS was becoming emmcee with Eric. I love that gig!

 Plus-front row seats!!

Kyler Peterson was a champ-front left-he looked like he really had fun though. And Makenzie and Trace! The best 4th ward date around! right behind Kyler :)
 It's super fun to announce the royalty. Especially because my own precious Raina Williams was queen! (She was my runner and Dorothy in Wizard of Oz and she is a dear!)

Queen and King on the Enchanted Evening

 And then I boogey'ed down and it felt good!!
New to me this year was actually driving the cars for valet too! Usually I just manage the board of keys-but they were short drivers. Scariest moment of my life was driving the 1960's(?) stick shift truck-it was thrilling and hard and now all I want to do is try driving it again! Hooray for a great prom!

To the Mountains!

To the mountain of the Lord Friday night for Stake Conference. I love those sessions!
And to our little mountains on Saturday!!
(Eric just climbed our tree-a mountainous viewpoint)

 Not to mention we won two prizes at the Monroe MOUNTAIN chiropractic open house Sat. afternoon too!! Peach pie (poor Eric) and a $20 gift certificate to our hair salon!

Nathan Pacheco!!!!!!!

So, last year, days before my due date for Emery, Eric and I went to a concert for some Nathan Pacheco dude that we had never heard of. But woa. We fell in love at the concert. Nathan is an operatic tenor and he is one amazing vocalist. We downloaded his Christmas album, got his first album, and were backers for his second album that just came out this year. We listen to him ALL THE TIME. We found out he went to BYU, and is even LDS. That made him even cooler! Well, it is nice to know the director of the SVC who arranges all the concerts that come to Richfield. We just happened to tell him how much we love Nathan, and even better, we happened to tell his wife how awesome it would be for him to come to the seminary building when he came again. And then I happened to tell his wife that his next concert was 2 days after Eric's birthday so it would be even cooler if he sang happy birthday to Eric. 
Ladies and Gentlemen-dreams do come true. And Nathan Pacheco is an even better man than we ever dreamed! Eric said he is a gospel scholar and knows the Book of Mormon so well. He is so humble and personable and kind. He's pretty much our BFF now. And yes, here he is in the seminary building. And yes, he sang happy birthday to Eric. 

 And yes, Eric and Bro. B were both so excited for the concert.

And yes, Nathan loves Sagebrush-just like us-so we went as a post birthday celebration and pre concert preparation Wednesday (and then the owner of Sagebrush-who Eric used to HT, who shares Eric's birthday-hooked us up! Cool!).
 And yes we went to his concert the next day. And yes we took Brooke and Viana (and Sunny-returned missionary Sunny!) And yes the concert was about 2 hours too short because we could have listened to him all night. And yes we talked to him afterwards. And yes he was so excited to see Eric and to meet me and the girls. And yes-this is what he said, "So, Joe was telling me that you have 5 kids, that you recently were called as Bishop, you teach seminary...have you ever heard of a man named Enoch?" That was probably the coolest compliment ever. And it was from Nathan Pacheco! Famous operatic tenor man!
The girls loved meeting him and he told them this story about his son that they loved. It was awesome. He is such a worthy role model. 
 Eric is pretty proud of his signature collection. :)
And just so you can understand how uplifting and beautiful his music is:

Eric's (actual) birthday!!

Eric is the greatest person in the whole wide world, so he deserved the week long celebration of his birthday that he got. Our San Fran trip was only the beginning! Monday night we knew would be the only night he was going to be able to spend with the family so we went to South China for dinner and then we went to see the new Cinderella movie. Eric went mainly for the new Frozen short, but ended up loving Cinderella! The rest of us loved it too of course! Tuesday, his actual birthday, is of course St. Patrick's Day! Which is awesome because most people wear Eric's favorite color on his birthday!

Eddie Dube. NBD-his dad's a GA
 Emery went for the neon green look
 Eric requested german chocolate cake-and I made it! He said it exceeded his expectations! And I made him quiche his favorite for dinner.
 We had a small window of time to celebrate since it was Tuesday (Bishop). But he figured out the riddle I left for him on our door, and then we slammed a party in!

Absolutely epitomizing his character, Eric gave Ram the first bite of his cake,
 and then dived in himself!
 The kids picked out dollar store gifts for him, including a hula hoop from CharlyAnn. We all took turns with it which really made it a party! None of us were very successful :)
Then Bishop Carter was out the door! The youth were performing some Irish songs at the care center that night. Eric went-which was a good thing because they presented him a beautiful birthday box!
Good job youthies.
Eric also got to make a couple of visits that night which he loved-including seeing Camden Peterson who had just gotten home from South Africa that day to be with his family during this time of grief. It was a busy day-but we hope that Eric could feel how much people love and appreciate him-especially us! His 6 biggest fans!!


First off, I have to start out with another Thank You to mom and dad for the sweet flying benefits! SO cool! And another big thank you to Jamie for watching the big kids. SO cool! And thank you to the luck gods-as Eric and I have made it onto every one of 8 flights we have tried for to date. 8 for 8 ain't bad when you're going stand-by!
We both got middle seats on the way to SFO-so I had Emery stand up and wave to Daddy and the guy next to me offered to trade. Success!
 We got to San Fran about 7 Friday night and drove straight to Emeryville and PIXAR! It was awesome. We turned down yet another shady street in Emeryville and I was vocally doubting our GPS when I looked up and saw this!!!
 It's kind of randomly located. And kind of no one cares that it's there. It was different than I imagined, but glorious none the less. There was a nice employee waiting for a taxi who took our picture!
 Cool that Emery street was right next to Pixar!
 Fortunately, a WING STOP was also right next to Pixar. Yum! So, we ordered some wings then walked around Emeryville taken pictures with Emery.

(Emeryville Market)
 After we picked up our wings we thought we should probably find a hotel, and Emeryville was not the place to find one-but we thought maybe the temple would be! Emeryville is right next to Oakland. It was another cool disbelief of the GPS, then turn the corner and BAM! AMAZING! Holy cow, the Oakland temple was beautiful.

Someone help me-I have in my mind that there are only 6 Christus statues-but I keep seeing them. I must be wrong, or I've gone to the 6 places!)
 The coolest part about Oakland is the location! You can just see all of San Fran and the bay and it's awesome.
 We did indeed find a lovely hotel, and I had to take this picture because the way the closet was open like this by the bed just made me think of how much Ram would have loved to swing from it to the bed-even though I wouldn't have let him :)
 The hotel was right on a marina.

 Saturday morning we went back to the temple! See in on the hill! AMAZING! It is so cool.
 Temple parking lot view.

 more view

 Then we went back to Emeryville!

(Emeryville city hall)
 Golden Gate bridge was our last stop before we headed back to Utah!

(San Fran houses are so cool)

(the gases prices were not!!)
 We made it on our flight back home with ease and seats together!
 It was cool seeing the golden gate bridge from the plane-opening up to the Pacific ocean

 Ok, so we creeped around every inch of the PIXAR fence. We spotted Mike and Sully.
 The Luxo ball
 A seagull from Finding Nemo
 The soccer field.

 The know the one.
 Another seagull
 A Toy Story Poster
 Our very favorite thing that we found...

You can see the brick columns of the entrance to Pixar in the back left.
 WOA! We never see buildings like this in Monroe...or Utah!
 San Fran hills

 We drove on the Golden Gate bridge!
 This is our only picture of us AND the GG bridge. We didn't have time to stop at the normal beach of GG picture lore.
 The Airtrain, which I remember so much from the trip we took to San Fran my Senior year Christmas (best trip ever!)
 AND! It was Pi Day!!! And luckily the airport sold square pieces of apple pie. Which seemed a little wrong to have a square piece of pie on pi day...but we had limited resources :)
It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I could travel for life.