Monday, April 27, 2015

MES Spring Carnival

Each spring the elementary school has a carnival. Each activity you can use box tops for as tickets. So every year I save up box tops and it's super fun! This year I clearly have been buying way less toaster strudels and way more western family-because I had a whopping 35 box tops. But we still had fun! This year there was a competition to decorate cakes for the cake walk (10 free tickets right there!) The girls were so excited to make their cake. They pretty much did the entire thing by themselves. The only thing I did was put on the base layer of chocolate frosting.

That's MES for Monroe Elementary School
They let Ram and CharlyAnn each do a side...hahahahaha. 
At the carnival each grade sings a little song and it's super cute. I could hear Brooke's little voice and hence, teared up. So precious :)
 And if you ever wanted to know anything about Viana this picture would be it. Standing in the back, behind all the boys, singing her little heart out, while the boys are dorks.
 They had the HS studens dress up as recognizable characters are take pictures with kids. It was a cute idea! There were probably 15 of them all together.
Elsa, Scarecrow, Cinderella, Princess Leia
 Viana was so in love with her cake that she planned on doing the cake walk, winning and choosing back her own creation. I thought-yeah right. Odds not in your favor with that. So I give her one ticket and send her on her way, 5 minutes later she comes back beaming with her cake! What! I said, "Viana?! How did you win on your only try?" She said, "I just crossed my fingers and said in my head 'pick 3, pick 3', and then they did!" So cute.
 Face painting was the other favorite.

(they have a cage that parents can spend tickets to lock up their kids...just kidding! We were just waiting for our turn for the horses :)
 And the horsie rides!

 Then we played!

It was super fun. We have a pretty awesome elementary school, only enhanced by our even more awesome community :)

Payson Temple Open House

We got to take the family to the Payson temple open house on the first day the public could go (April 24). It was very fabulous. 
 It is so amazing the detail and care and beauty that is in that building. It's 5 stories (maybe 6) and the whole building has an apple blossom stained glass window motif to match the Payson agriculture, and the blossoms start as buds on the first floor and as you go up the grow and at the top they are apples. It was amazing. The kids did really well and they really liked it! They are all gaining their own testimonies about how important temples are!

(Ram's face!)

There was a lovely spring rain whilst we were there.

And we met the Heaps there! So fun to have such good friends!

That's a lot of babies!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tumbling and Dance Recital

We had a great recital! It was so fun to have 3 babies in the same show! And, as always, CharlyAnn was mostly in it for the make up :)

This picture would describe their sister relationship perfectly
I can't say what this picture describes perfectly

Peanut Gallery!
Ram's tumbling was first. The video of his flip is too big to upload-but know that it was awesome because we had just finished watching the tot tumbling, and then out runs Ram with this awesome (unplanned) flip. The crowd went wild!

Ram's tumbling buds. I guess boys learn at an early age to be expressionless in team pictures.

Viana was an elegant and graceful ballerina! (She's in the back middle)

We also enjoyed watching Deidre our neighbor/teacher

CharlyAnn was ridiculously adorable. She spied Meemaw taking her picture! (back middle)

 These next couple of pictures crack me up...

It was so fun and I'm so glad my children get to have these kind of experiences!
(and bonus clip of Ram tumbling)