Saturday, May 30, 2015

Disney Photopass

These are lovely professional pictures-but this is the best picture of all time. See how those 3 people in the front are all starring at me? They did NOT appreciate my screaming one bit and were not afraid to let me know. It was hilarious. I ruined their day and they made mine.

Friday, May 22, 2015

High School graduation

Eric and I had an epic anniversary trip to Florida planned which began with a drive to Colorado. We wanted to give ourselves a nice window of safe and alert driving time, so we had to skip outon graduation this year. That pretty much broke Eric's heart becasue he has never missed on since he's been teaching. We did feel like we had time to go before graduation started to see and congratulate as many people as we could though!! It worked out awesomely!!!

Wyatt King, _____Jones, Cyrus King, Josh Howell
Tayler Nielsen

Alex Baker

Kallie Sue Fullenbach
 We got lucky and ended up at the tunnel opening where the Madrigals choir was coming out from their warm-up so we got the seniors on their way out.
Sydnee Payne

Brady Curtis

Alexis Epling

Brock Bastian

Kylee Keele (check out Ben Brady's face...)

Ben Brady...'s face didn't change much...

Leila Grant

Kristen Ellsworth

David Parker

Trevor Jones

Austin Anderson

Roger Hall

Garrett Peterson, Caleb Vinson

Oakley Smith, BreAnn Newby

Kyra Curtis

Mads warming up

Auston Hutchings?, Kevin Fuller, Haylen Yergensen

Kadison Jensen

Sami Lindgren, Macie Parsons

Avery healy

Maddie Wilson

Shania Young

Eddy Dube

Ethan Neilson

Mason Meacham

Look! I was there too! Slate Blackburn

Slate Blackburn

James Collins

Tyler Ntesozie

Sylvia and Chylo Whitlock

Jason Troseth

Cassie Meacham

Alie Robinson

Anna Gale

Clayton Horton