Saturday, June 27, 2015

Girls Camp weekend!!!

If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE girls camp with my whole heart. SO when I got released from being YW president when Eric was called as Bishop, you better believe the first thing out of my mouth was, "I can still go to girls camp! Bishops wife perk!" This year was my 14th camp experience. Cool! It was just a ward camp and we were up Kanosh Canyon. Eric and I had planned on going up Friday and spending the night, but then Bishop life happened and it turned into the busiest most double booked two days of our lives. We had a member receiving his endowments, a student getting sealed, a funeral, girls camp, house re-fi, Krista's house warming and a Tongan reception. It was crazy, but we pulled nearly everything off. But mostly, look-girls camp!!
 They were right by this perfect little stream. Eric and I came with no intention of getting in...but you know how that goes. First just the feet...

 Then the girls have you convinced to line up on a log...
 And jump in!!! It was wildly fun!!

 And, duh, crazy camp glasses came!
 Eric and I both got to teach a little workshop and we had amazing testimonies and awesome dinner. Good experience for sure!

 This is from that morning. Eric went into the temple and saw his member and his student getting married...luckiest timing ever.
 And we made it to the 7 hour long Tongan reception of that student (there in ceremonial garb)
 It was legit culture. And who knew Tongans loved throwing dollar bills at receptions! But the food....Oh. My.
It was a great exhausting busy traveling spirit filled weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Brigham City and USU (June 10) and Perez sendoff (June 12)

That's right, after Nauvoo and SLC we still weren't done traveling. Wed. June 10 Eric had his first member that he helped prepare to go to the temple receiving her the Brigham City temple. And since it's summer and Eric could take the day off we figured we might as well! Eric went to the session and I took the kids to this sweet free museum. It's at an old elementary school that now houses the boys and girls club in one wing, the city park and rec in another and the museum down the old 2nd grade hall. Each classroom was a different display and it was sweet. No one was there (obviously) so we just took our time and loved it while daddy was in the temple!

 THey had fossils and rocks and bones and it was perfect.
and one really cool geode!!

THey had this room dedicated to the mining industry that's so crucial to the area, so we walked into the room and this miner was in there and he scared all of us! Haha, it was funny.
I agree with Jamie, the Brigham City temple was deceptively small. It looks so big from the freeway. But that doesn't mean it wasn't beautiful!!

 We had perfect timing to meet daddy when it was done! It was a great day for Denise Wilson!
 Since we were the closest we'd ever been to Logan, and Eric had never been to the campus of the college he got his masters degree from , we figured we better make the trip from Brigham City to Logan!
 We don't really know much about USU-but we're going to assume that this is an important and iconic building of the campus :)

 After our quick stop on campus we went to see the Logan temple.
 It is gorgeous. It is so unique and it looks like a castle and we all fell in love!! The rocks were weathered just beautifully.

 This was our 3rd temple we visited in one week, and Viana loved to touch them and say, "I feel safe when I touch the temple." You keep touching them baby girl, because they will keep you safe.
 So, with all of our crazy trips and driving that week, we kept telling the kids we would go mini golfing (presumably at our little Monroe course) but by this time in the week they couldn't wait any more, so we stopped at the Boondocks in some northern city and golfed. It was sooooo fun.

 Grandbill had taught Brooke how to gold at the glow-golf in Colorado, and she remembered how to get up there and shake her tail!

This is me celebrating my hole in one on the ANTHILL! Booyah!
 CharlyAnn did so great, and one of my favorite things in the world is golfing with a 3 or 4 year old because of all the adorable cheating takes place. But what I didn't know would be even cuter is when a 3 or 4 year old finds a ladybug on the course and it's game over from then on out. Haha, that bug came with us the rest of the time and Emery took over for Char.
 We got 2 free game cards with our golf tickets-and the arcade was huge and fun!

We drove home that night and got ready to come back up north 2 days later for the Perez party. I have no pictures of that event...but the men did go see Jurassic World and the scariest moment was when LaDon confronted this raptor at the theater!
We stayed the night with the Lindes that night and made a trip to Costco the next day, in which Eric picked up this PS4 and walked all around the store with me just holding it. When I finally noticed I laughed so hard. So innocent and unassuming. Alas, we did not buy it.
But we did take the kids to Tucanos for the first time!! They LOVED it. Eating meat with little tongs? What could be better!
It was an exhausting but so so fun week!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Salt Lake City! (june 8)

Monday after we got home from Nauvoo we gathered the kids together to give them a little gift. Inside Out dolls! We had a big unveiling and it was pretty sweet.

 So we had just finished out crazy Nauvoo weekend and CharlyAnn had to get a cavity filled that Monday morning. I left the kids with Eric at work while I took CharlyAnn.

 They were so thrilled with their new toys and so drew excellent pictures of them!
 When I got back from the dentist Eric was on the phone with the church headquarter IT lady. His laptop was broken, and our quickest to fix option was to take it up to SLC ourselves. So we did!

 Haha, CharlyAnn kept pulling these adorable poses

 Then we were lucky enough to meet up with LaDon!! He took us to his office and it was sweet! LaDon does cool things for work! With even cooler people!

We got to hang out with the Lindes that night, and then drove back home. I should seriously have started adding up our car hours the Thursday before at the embarkment of our Navouu trip. Because it ain't even over for this week yet!