Monday, July 27, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa Norton's 60th Anniversary!

Shame on us for not taking more pictures during this amazing event!! But we trekked over to Colorado for Mom and Dad's last week in Colorado and the Norton's GREAT party!!  It was such a great celebration! Our grandparents are amazing!!
Mom and Dad's house was really empty! But we sure filled it up with people!!

We spent some glorious hours on the deck.
We also fixed our car, had tons of Louie's breadsticks, had a great stop at Rizzudo's, and played hard!!
Mom was the beast hog of all beast hogs!! If I can grow up to be a quarter of the person mom is, I will have a great life. She pulled af all of this amazing party, and she cooked all of the food and organized, not to mention she was packing up her entire house and entertaining so many family members. Mom-good job. You are all of our heroes.

Who knew that our second cousin was in fact Ron Weasley!!

 The party was so good, it was so cool to se ehow many people came from all walks of G&G's life! We love you grandma and Grandpa! And we love you COlorado!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nashville and the Perez Peeps!

Eric and I were pretty excited to get home from our whirlwind trip and then leave for another one! We had great plans to go see the Perezs in their new home in Tennessee. We took the kids to mom and dads...they were instantly happy.

Eric and I woke up at 3:30 the next morning to catch the early flight...unfortunately there was only one seat on the I left Eric to try for a later flight and headed to Nashville! Eric tried 3 other flights but never made it. So he got to hang out at the Roys with the kids! Meanwhile I was hanging out with Eliana. Oh my heart is she cute! And I was the first family to see her adorable walking!!

 Nashville had these amazing Limestone walls all over. It was so pretty! Summer said the whole city in on bed of limestone so there are no basements!

 Me and Summer played wonderful amount of Settlers and then we piucked up Andy from Vanderbilt. I saw fireflies and the Parthenon and then we had YUMMY dinner and Ben and Mikes, Or Tim and Jacks...some restaurant with two guys name in it :) Then we cruised downtown a bit!
See that building in the background? It's the At&T building, but people call it the batman building, and I called it the, I-swear-the-architect-of-that-building-also-designed-the-Washington-DC-temple building.

There's Andy and the Tennessee Titan's stadium

We had yummy ice cream at a famous little ice cream shop. 

It was cool to see America's culture. Sad that our culture is drunk people, but , still cool to be in the city and see live performers and bars and really cool modern Eiffel Towers!

At the airport in Nashville, which I was surprised by it's hugeness for some reason.

Flying into Denver, this is one of my favorite airplane views.

I made it home to find that Emery had Meemaw covered. Literally.
I was so happy to see the Perez fam! The only thing that could have been better is if Eric had made it!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Truman!!

We are so grateful for the Hiatts in our lives and we are so grateful for modern medicine that brought this little miracle Truman to earth happy and healthy! And we are grateful for a heavenly Father who is in charge. I was bummed Eric couldn't go to Nashville, but it sure worked out since Krista had Truman! Then mom and dad din't have to worry about our 5 kids like they would have, and we were up north to see him! He was born on Disneyland's 60th birthday-July 17, 2015.
 I love babies. A lot.
 On the way home from the Nashville/Truman trip we stopped at the mall food court and took a little ride on the carousel too.

Emery loved it so much!

 On the drive home we followed a beautiful rainbow!!
 It took us right to the Payson temple. Pot of Gold for sure!

We are so happy to add another cousin to our family! Especially one that we will get to see regularly!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Coast to Coast trip

Here is an itinerary, pictures to follow:
July 2-Drive to South Weber stay at Tuckers
July3-drive to Washington
July 4-Party in Washington
July 5-Church in Washington-Eric to myself for all but one hour on a Sunday :)
July 6-Brooke's birthday party in Washington
July 7-Flight at 6am to Den, then Den to San Diego
Ron picks us up at airport, go to San Diego for the 3 o'clock session, dinner at Islands, Mormon Battalion Museum, Catch a redeye flight at 10:30pm to Dulles
July 8-arrive in Dulles at 6:30, picked up by Nick-go to Downtown DC, see IwoJima and the National Mall, including the big monuments, and Declaration of Independence. Meet up with jen and kids for picnic, go to holocaust Museum. Drive to Nick's in Maryland, playplayplay, swim, eat, card games until 2am.
July 9-Flight at 11am out of Regan airport to Houston. Get stuck in Houston trying to get the St. George by Friday morning. Finally find space on a flight to Phoenix. Arrive in Phoenix 10pm, drive to Kingman, AZ arrive at 2am, sleep 3 hours
July 10-Wake up leave by 6am, drive to St. George get to the temple JUST in time. See Logan marry Ryann. Great! Have luncheon. Great! Go see Avengers 2. Drive back to Monroe. 
July 11-leave by 6am, get to Payson temple for session with Ric Peterson, first timer. The Bishop Shepherd, little sheep hug in the celestial room=perfection, go to hospital in Provo-visit ward member, drive to SLC airport, return rental, get new rental, have dinner, go shopping, drive back to Monroe
July 12-Eric church meetings, I go to farewell and luncheon and choir, church, more meetings, leave for Jamies house. Saty up til almost midnight
July 13-5:41am flight to Den, Den to Pasco, Jack pick's us up, See our babies! moive and dinner with Jared's family, including new baby
July 14-drive home, with stop in Boise for lunch with Garett and Malachi
Pasco to Denver

Den to San Diego

The awesome sudden hugeness of the San Dieog temple is really cool. It is RIGHT ON THE FREEWAY. This is across the freeway in the parking lot of Isalnds (aka best dinner ever)

THe celestial starts were aligned and Nicole Allen was our sister missionary at the mormon battalion museum which was SO COOL!
 And we found Isaac Philo Carter! Ram's namesake!

San Diego to Dulles

 Iwa Jima memorial was SO COOL. I had no idea it was so huge or singular or awesome.

the cemetary

This is the air force monument that they built after 9/11, I guess they put it right in the flight path of the plane that hit the pentagon to protect it.

We played Great Delmuti and it was so fun

Regan to Houston

 This is the beautiful drive we had once we woke up and started driving from Kingman after flying to Phoenix to make it to the wedding :)

Slc to Denver

Waiting for the denver train

Denver to Pasco

 We had a fun night with the Carters!
 THis is from Lunch at Boise

San Diego Harbor

THey made a star wars movie

Where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his speech

We thought this was pretty random, and don't even know what it is

at first I thought the beautiful colors at the base of the white house were flowers...then I realized it was people!!

Archives, where we saw the Declaration of Independence. Twice.

Holocaust museum. So somber.

Nick;s Zipline