Monday, August 24, 2015

New York City!!!

We had an absolutely fabulous 18 hour stay in the Big Apple. We were there long enough to ride the subway, eat vendor food, see Times Square, Madison Square Gardens, Statue of Liberty, Chrysler buidling, Empire State Building, Maceys, Broadway, One World trade center and 9/11 memorial, see crazy drunks, be hit on by a drag queen, and survive a New York rainy morning. It was awesome.
 We just landed in Newark with no clue how or where to go. But poeple are so nice! So we said, get us to Times Square and a nice lady did just that for us. We took the NJ transit to Penn station! And there we were!

 Empire State building turned out to be not all that fabulous. Still iconic, but, meh. Anyway, we went to Macey's and looked up the nearest hotel to where we were that we had a discount at, then a nice cop told us how to get there.
 Another nice cop told us how to find the statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Now that was cool!!
 THe One world trade Center is a BEAUTIFUL building. I love it.
 And we found on our very own the Manhattan temple!! It was awesome, because it was that venture in which the public transportation system clicked in my mind. So I took us right there. We came up out of the subway just like in the movies and BAM! There was the temple. It was very cool.

 It's just in the middle of the city! Very cool.
 We had 99cent pizza and New York Pepsi and it was awesome.
 THis is us riding the train back to the airport after we were clueless tourists stuck in the rain storm. We both set off the security scanner thing at the airport because we were so wet!! HAHA.

 We got lucky again and made it home the way we wanted to.

 We had awesome hole in the wall NYC fried chicken.
 The cityness of New York is so huge, that you don't feel like you're in a ginormous city because there's no horizon. You just feel like your in a very crowded busy block.
 THis was just a street peddler selling his hip hop. But it turns out he was an intermediate hurdler and I was a hurdler, and so bond.
 Broadway was very cool.
 THey had such cool and epic and HUGE batman posters every year, so we were pretty excited.
 They had so many creepy street vendor costumed souls. SO MANY. And it was extra creepy because a lot of them would walk around with their heads pushed up off their faces. Weird.

 The New Year's Eve ball!!
 Spiderman really lives in NYC!

 They had a massive toys R us with a ferris wheel inside and a toy story car. That was cool.
 And of course the Disney store was so fun to browse.

 The 9/11 memorial was AMAZING. It was so thoughtful and moving and stirring and so well done. I absolutely LOVED it. It was incredible.
 I was amazed at all of the OLD buildings in NYC. For some reason I just thought NYC should be new new new. BUt nope, they still have old old old.
(new and old)

 We took a little walk to see Lady Liberty and loved just being out of the Times Square tourist hubbub and in normal real life NYC, street hoops and sidewalk hockey. It was magical.

 Ellis Island

 Seriously, LOVED this memorial. So cool when they turned the lights on.
 Subway traveling was awesome!

 We made it to Central Park! It is HUGE. We barely grazed the edge.

 Night Life was pretty awesome
 More street vendor joy. This guy was frozen unless you put a dollar in his box. I did so he did a little golden statue dance.
 This is one of the JUMBO trons at Times Square. We were on it!!
 (me and Eric navy blue shirts holding our hands up, lower middle left )
 Ok, Ok the Empire state building is pretty cool.

 We had an awesome street vendor hot dog experience! This guy was so cool. He cooked us up the best dawg ever! And it cost $11 with a drink, we pulled out a ten dollar bill, with the intention of finding a $-but he said, THis is fine, for your wife. Booyah.
 THis is the street our hotel was on. Shady....But great!
 Because this was our view from our room!
And our kids continued to have a great time!