Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ram's Birthday! (He was sic...x)

The disadvantage of being behind on blogs is that you really do forget stuff! For example, I'm looking at these pictures thinking I have no idea why or even when we had Ram's living room party. I'm guessing it was to be by his cool banner, and that it was at night. But who knows. I do remember a couple of things though!

 Ram's birthday was on his first Friday of Kindergarten. I was pretty excited for him. I had Eric get him his favorite snacks at Wal-mart so he could take them and share. I put them in his backpack and sent him to school with a,"Tell Mrs. Elmer your birthday treats are in your backpack!" I went to pick him up and he hopped in the van and I said, "Happy Birthday! Did your friends like your treats!" And he said,"No, nobody ate any." This is a classic Ram answer. Then I said, "Oh you teaser, Did you eat yours?" Ram, "No, I didn't eat mine. Nobody ate them." So I said, "You silly, let me see your backpack." So I unzipped his backpack, and to my horror he was telling the truth! All his treats were in his bag, and in that very moment it broke my mother heart into a million pieces and I started sobbing uncontrollably, drove home that way too-only Jamie can understand what that's like!! So I get home and email his teacher to see if he can still bring them Tuesday, and she said she asked and he told her he forgot them at home. What a stinker. So I asked him about it and he said his sisters didn't remind him they were in there. Anyway, he took them on Tuesday and everyone ate them and I healed.

 Though I don't remember the details, we apparently had a party of sorts. Then we went to our first home football game. After the 3rd quarter, unbeknownst to Ram, I had the announcer (who is a dear family friend) announce that it was Ram's 6th birthday. He was so cute when he heard his name over the loud speakers, and even better was that the whole town erupted in cheers and applause for my little buddy. It was the cutest, happiest thing.

 Grandma sent him lego ninjagos, so he was thrilled. I failed as a mother in the present department, but he didn't even notice. This is our good good boy who is alllllll boy. He cracks me up and softens my heart. We sure love our Isaac Ram!!

 I just found more pictures that reminded me what we did for Ram's birthday! We went and had pizza at the arcade/bowling alley, but didn't have time to bowl, so then we went back the next day to bowl for Ram!! It was fun!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

First Days of School

Now that we've been in school a month...Here's our first day of school pics!
 Brooke's first day of Third grade! Mrs. Bringhurst

 Viana's first day of Fourth Grade! Mrs. Blomquist
 Aug. 25, 2015
 Confident little ones
 Ram...would not smile for me! What a stinker. I have like 20 pictures just trying to get him to smile. His first day was Sept. 1. AM Kindergarten with Mrs. Elmer

 CharlyAnn is back at Ms. Carma's! Her first day was Sept. 8!

Family Pics!

Our dear babysitter Sydnee is an aspiring photog, so we were her first ever guinea pig family session! She did wonderful! (I mean really, my family is so adorable she couldn't have gone wrong!) It was very sunny the day we went, so we have some squints, but I was having a great hairday-so who cares!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Eric's Priest Super Activity!

Eric will have to narrate and caption all this later, but suffice it to say much temple and adventure and food and fun was had by all!

THe only thing I can say about this weekend is that we missed out Daddy! So when he got home we were so happy to spend time with him mini-golfing!!