Saturday, October 31, 2015


Halloween this year consisted of ward party, school carnival, school parade, Jones Party
 annual blood, brains, bones, and eyeball dinner

and trick-or-treating!! This was our funnest year of trick-or-treating yet! The kids are all getting old enough to endure and enjoy!! Check out our cute pirate, witch, batman, batgirl and shark!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall Break! (for the kids :)

Our kids have been so wonderful to let us galavant around the country this year. We try and give them fabulous vacations while we take ours, so we were especially excited for their surprise fall break vacay! Mom, Dad, Daniel and Trey came down on my birthday to babysit for Region XC, then they took Emery back with them for a week. Emery LOVED her time with Meemaw and Grandbill. 
Havin' some sweet CJ birthday cake (ps-so far this year since Krista, mom and dad have been with their kid on their birthday. I anticipate that will hold true with jamie-so Summer and Andy should make sure to get mom and dad out on their bday for a run!)
Dad would send us nice pictures of Emery to keep us updated. This one was our favorite. I laughed and laughed.
Meanwhile, Diana came down and we checked the kids out of school just a smidge early on Thursday Oct. 15 and headed to LA, CA. All the kids knew was that they were driving momma and daddy to the airport. Little did they know it was the LAX airport, and little did they know they would stay in a hotel with Grandma for the next 4 days and little did they know she would take them to Legoland and Disneyland!! Lucky kids!!!
We had recently purchased The Lego Movie, which had a preview on it for Legoland. So they had just been wishing their little hearts out to go to this new place...and they did!!! And they LOVED it. Ram was in Lego heaven!!

I guess they had all these lego tables around you could just build to your hearts content. So Ram did.

They especially loved telling us about this ride. You pull yourself up and then let yourself go.

The kids went to Disneyland on Saturday and then to California Adventure on Monday where we were able to join up with them!!

On Sunday they went to church with Uncle Ron, but he goes to a mid-singles ward, so they had no primary available, so Grandma came prepared with her own primary lesson. She said the kids loved it. They colored or drew pictures of things we do or don't do on the Sabbath.

(Brooke: These things make us sad)

These things make us happy!

 All present Carters on one wonderful Radiator Springs Racers ride!

 Uncle Ron carried CharlyAnn on his shoulders most of the time! What a champ!

So grateful that we have such wonderful parents to take care of our wonderful babies!!!