Monday, November 30, 2015

Ram's short lived wiggly tooth!

Yesterday before church Ram discovered his first loose tooth, or wiggly tooth as he called it. It was decently loose and he kept working on it all day. Today he wanted it out so bad so he kept having me wiggle it, so I'd push and pull on it for a while and it would break some more roots, then finally he wanted it out dearly enough that I just pulled it right out! All I can say is boys are way more manly than girls when it comes to teeth!
Hanging in there,but wanting it out so bad! 
I seriously just pulled it right out. It was awesome. 
And then I bowled a turkey of spares and a turkey of strikes for a 154 at the high school Christmas party. So Ram and I both had a very good night! 

Friday, November 27, 2015

San Francisco!

We have loved the privilege of flying all around the country this year! And we couldn't let the little break we have for thanksgiving pass us by! So we headed to where the flights let us go; San Francisco! We had a few goals for this trip: ride a cable car, see pier 39, walk on the golden gate bridge, and go to the Walt Disney family museum. We did all of our goals and had a blast! Plus we used only public transportation the whole time which added to the adventure of the adventure!  We were very grateful that Jamie warned us that it would be cold, and really enjoyed the fall weather! Thanks mom and dad for taking care of the babies!
Auntie Anne's has been a staple for us!
United only gives you drinks nowadays on flights-unless you fly on Thanksgiving day!! The flight attendant came by with these pumpkin cheescake tarts and I was ecstatic! I was so obviously emotional about it that she ended up giving us 6!! Haha. :)
I had no idea that cable cars are actually on a cable and it dead ends and they get out and turn it around. Cool!
That's Alcatraz behind us, which I am no IN LOVE with. I don't know what it was about it, but every glimpse I got of it, I swooned.

We went to Fisherman's wharf first and it was cool, very much like Pike's Market is Seattle, and I saw a sign for Pier 39 in the distance and thought after seeing the cool Fisherman's wharf that I would be very underwhelmed once we reached Pier 39. I couldn't have been more wrong! I was amazed at Pier 39 and LOVED it!!
Here I am with my Thanksgiving dinner! You have to get sourdough in San Francisco!
And we had mini donuts which were insanely good.
That's Coit Tower in the distance
Bay Bridge in the ditsnace
We got to the sea lions at dusk, so it's hard to see them, I didn't think they'd be around still since it was night-but there they were in all their sea lion glory barking up a storm! 
This street performer was sah-weet!! ANd the 2-story carosuel behind him was cool too!
The moon was so cool-why do camera's never do moon shots justice??
THis is as close as we got to Ghirardelli square...or in the night-Ghirarcelli!!
We got to stand on the cable car-it was so real!
I had no idea about the whole Presidio area of San Fran-but it is beautiful and has free transportation!
Nor did I expect to see a miniature Arlington Cemetary. Cool!
See what I mean! Alcatraz=♥
The water was cold!!
This is Walt's oscar for Snow White and the 7 dwarves!!
To see his actual drawings of Mickey-it was seriously cool.
Walt collected miniatures-his collection was sooooooo amazing. These little minis are about as big as a quarter but soooo detailed.
THey had an AMAZING diorama of Disneyland as Walt left it. It was beautiful and we stood around it for probably 20 minutes analyzing everything and how it's changed/stayed the same.

The last exhibit was about Walt dying and it was the saddest room ever.
Our free bus driver pointed out this secret spot in Presidio. It's the Lucas studio where they are making/made star wars!! 
THe hilly skyline of San Fran was so pretty
We really liked walking on the Golden Gate Bridge!
Eric spotted a real live swimming sea lion out in the open water under the bridge. I was obsessed.
We had about 30 min. before the free bus came after we walked the bridge, so we went back to the museum!
THis is Walt's little train that he had at his house! 
We saw the handwritten list in the musuem of Walt's favorite things. I was so happy they had his Chili at the cafe'. We got a bowl and it was yummy
What a fun fun Thanksgiving trip!! Thanks mom and dad!!