Friday, December 30, 2016

Last fun of 2016

 By a rare fluke we checked out Highland Glen, just incase you could fish on or in it somehow...and we found two teenage boys who had just succesfully ice fished that hooked us up with some holes and knowledge! Now we know we can fish ALL YEAR LONG!!! Holy cow. Ice fishing is fun!

 Also, we discovered with the Perez and Hiatt peeps that escape rooms are everything they're cracked up to be!! We had so much fun doing one, that we did another one the very next day!

 We were basically the champions of the world at escape rooms. twice.
 Colonel Brookers.
Oh hey, more ice fishing!! Never mind my dorky head gear...

 ...because LaDon's is dorkier! But who cares-because we successfully turned LaDon into a fisherman!! He caught FIVE fish!!

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Man, Christmas is just the best. We are always so blessed and it is so fun. I love it. We even had a white Christmas this year!
 Christmas eve we finsihed the book of Mormon, and then had our traditional scavenger hunt to find a new game to play. Except this year I wrapped up an old game that we don't get to play very often (Disney Cranium) The kids opened it and were like, "This is ours" Haha, but we still had fun playing!
 Christmas morning was a success! Santa came to our house!
We opened out Santa gifts then got ready for church. One hour church was lovely, then we came home, did our nativity and opened all the other presents. Here's what everyone deemed their favorite that morning...

Brooke's Cisco shirt that I made her

Emery's tablet

Ram's Flash shirt and hat

CharlyAnn couldn't chose, Elso, pony and Vet set.

Viana baking set

Momma's painting!

Daddy's PS4! (because momma got a killer deal on it. And I love him)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Book of Mormon!

Eric challenged our ward this year to read the Book of Mormon. We did it! We finished on Christmas Eve, which was pretty awesome! This is the 6th time through for the Carter family!! I love love love arming our children with this important tool!! Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday fun!

This is just an assortment of glimpses into the fun fun fun we had this holiday season!! Viana and Brooke's choir got to do 3 holiday performances. Their little choir is pretty good! (But not as good as the girl in the green hat...(yes, it's Brooke))
We went to see Rogue One with Perez peeps and dad in Jordan Commons, and there was an awesome lightsaber battle demonstration in the lobby. It was full of true enthusiasts and lots of mock dead bodies laying on the floor.

 We got 12 day-ed of Christmas this year!! I was so grateful for my kids to have this experience! It is too fun and one they will always remember. On the second day we got an ugly sweater cookie kit!

 Brookie had a class party and made an ice cream cone christmas tree.
 Another 12 day gift we got was the game Pie Face! It was so fun, we laughed and laughed.

 We also renewed our pass of all passes, and already got our moneys worth in one trip to the Lehi fun center! We added laser tag to our expereince which was a winner!!
 For the record...Brooke was trying very hard to look bored in this picture.

 Another weekend up north we visited our old stomping grounds at Chuck E. Cheese. Always fun!
 We then fulfilled Eric's childhood Christmas memories and went to the mall and did secret shopping for a sibling (drawn out of a hat). It was maybe one of the highlights of the season! It was so fun sneaking around the mall, looking for what your person would want, not getting caught, etc.
 And at some point, in some arcade, Ram won the jackpot!!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Santa Visits

The belief in Santa is strong in this house. So of course it is fun to see him! We had a nice Christmas miracle to see Santa in the park...we had something else that evening, so knew we would be late. We drove up, no line-ran to see him, then he got up and left when we were done! squeaked it in, and we didn't even have to wait forever in the cold in a line! It was pretty sweet!

 Santa also made an appearance at the ward breakfast. I was home with a sick Emery, but the big kids got to remind the Big Man what was on their wish list!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Viana is 11!

Viana had pretty much the most magical birthday imaginable. She had her birthday announced on the radio, then won the radio birthday contest, so she got a free carrotcake from walmart. I checked her out of school to take her to lunch with her best friend Reina, who surprised her by coming over from Cove Fort, then her friend Saige came over and we went to her favorite Costa Vida for dinner, then we had cake and presents-where she got everything she ever dreamed of! Such a great fun day for our great fun daughter!!