Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday seven

Can I just say that 9am church is the BEEEEEST. Eric actually gets to see us on Sundays, and even has time for a nap on 5th Sundays!!
Before he fell asleep we tried to convince him that all of us could snuggle on the same couch. 
Emery had this chapstick, and she slathered it on her lips non-stop for 2 hours straight. It was cracking me up.
We had region drill this past Tuesday. It was so fun! And the kids were PHENOMENALY GOOD!! And we swept region. Always a plus.
To help the children pass the time we took selfies. It was very fun.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Eric here, reporting on a trip I took with the youth of our ward last Saturday, January 23rd. We got up early on a Saturday morning and met at the church at 7:30 am. We were so pumped about how many youth were able to come on the trip. We headed straight to the Provo City Center Temple and did the open house. It was so smooth and done so effectively. We had a great time going through the temple and then we took lots of pictures afterwards out around the grounds. These are just the ones that I got with my, lots of selfies! :)
This one's got Albert and Luke Jarnagin!
With my next door neighbors! Trace and Devan Wilson.
Young men group pics!
Kaiden Jones was so funny about Kelby Nielson. He was obsessed with him and kept telling everyone he saw how cute Kelby is! It was pretty funny. Not like you can tell from this picture but Kaiden can be kind of a cheesy fella sometimes (Maybe Seminary teaching is in his future....?). Whenever Emery sees Kaiden she says, "Beast!"
Devan and Trace again:
Kelby and Kyden Nielson
Andrew Ledesma
After the open house we went to a church building--thanks to Billy and Krista for the sweet hookup--where we were able to eat delicious pizza. Then we played "Do you love your neighbor?" for over an hour. They all loved it so much!
Here's me with Tyler Kingston. I had been playing the game, but stepped out to visit with Billy and Krista and little studly Truman!! That was great! After this picture I went into the gym to play some basketball, which was also fun!
After the Church we went to Seven Peaks Ice Arena for ice skating. Our group was all over the spectrum as far as capabilities go... But almost everybody gave it a try! It was so much fun and it was great to see determination of new skaters and all the help the youth wanted to give to each other!
Tucker Gayler was one who was so awesome about helping others!
Devan and Trace were both first timers! Here's Devan showing his determination to do well on skates! He and Trace both did so great!
This is Monroe Medley! She was awesome and so funny. She kept saying how she hated it, because she kept slipping, but then she'd get right back up and keep going! 
You know this guy!! And if you don't know this guy, you should know this guy!!
The Young Women!!
It was an epic day of awesome adventure!! Monroe 4th Ward rocks!!! This video pretty much sums it up:

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Seven

Emery's hair...
This is Ram's audition picture for when they re-boot Star Wars and need an angsty Anakin gone evil...
We played a massive game of Minute to Win it: Clean the house version
Kingston has this cute hat which Emery likes. 
Eric and I made it to the temple! Always a good thing!!
I love that little Beckam! He cracks me up!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016


For Martin Luther King Jr. Day I had the Heaps boys, but we still wanted it to be a wonderful and exciting day, so we went sledding! The snow was about a week old, but it was still so fun!!

Beckam loved it, which surprised me! They would even just scoot down on their bodies if the sleds were all occupied!

You can't really tell in the picture, but we have to make Emery's boots. She gets socks, ziplock bags, her turbo sandals, walmart bag and parent socks. They work super good!
We have the perfect little spot right behind our house at the top of the field. It's fun enough, close enough, short enough, safe enough. All of the good things!