Monday, March 21, 2016

Prom weekend

(Upload more pics soon)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Daddy is 34!

We pulled a shnike on Daddy for his birthday this year! His actual day was packed of church party and prom practice, so we threw him a surprise party the day before! Then at the ward party the whole ward sang to him and at prom practice the whole junior class sang to him! So it was two good days of birthday joy!
We based the birthday shnike off the fact that we had just had daylight savings that previous weekend...
We ACTUALLY surprised him, so it was SUPER fun. And I made delicious sweet pork salad and it was so yummy and so fun to celebrate our favorite guy! He of course had cytomegalovirus...but he loved being able to party as sick and worn out as he may have felt!
We're fairly predictable present buyers, so we played a fun game of Daddy guessing what the present is before he opens it. He got a near perfect score!
His real birthday we had a succesful promenade practice-and after we finished our part Eric stood in for one of the boys who was at a soccer game and danced with Ashley! It was pretty fun!!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Circus circus! CharlyAnn is 5!

This is the most ridiculous but oh so fun tradition we have! But, we have been looking forward to CharlyAnn's Circus Circus trip since Ram's trip! CharlyAnn was my favorite 3 year old, then she was my favorite 4 year old, and now she is easily my favorite five year old. What a gem of a girl this one is.
Grandma got her a new doll and a matching outfit!
Beckam And Emery were happy to celebrate that day too!
It was pretty magical that Char's bday was on a Friday too, so we could go on her actual birthday!! Las Vegas is a pretty easy drive for us, so we left after work and got there in the evening. We stayed on the 27th floor, so the view was great!
Saturday morning the kids were so excited and woke up so early. Like 6:45 early. But they were so good, they just played and colored CharlyAnn's new coloring book together and let mom and dad sleep! (Well, I woke up enough to sneak this picture)
We went to our favorite breakfast buffet and pigged out!!
Then we were the first ones into the Adventuredome! We went on every ride multiple times and had a very fun day! I loved seeing the kids have such a blast. 
Haha, these big kids crack me up. They're posing for me...
They loved the frog hopper, as usual. But check out Ram...haha, his face may not say it, but he really loved it too!
CharlyAnn is as sweet as they come. She has the most sparkly magic eyes I have ever seen. I love her so much!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday seven!

We had a good week, other than Eric still being sick. We had him tested for mono, so that should come back tomorrow. It would be nice to have answers, even though they can't really do anything for him if it is mono. He's such a trooper though. I sure love him! We still party plenty hardy even with a sick daddy! 
These pictures aren't even kind of clear-but we went to a wedding reception yesterday of Kelbi Jo Curtis, one of Eric's past students and seminary council members. She went to Fiji for a youth service thing, so she's bonded to us. Anyway, there was dancing and the girls were all about it. I just sat there and marveled at these amazing little people that are mine as they danced their little hearts out. I could have sat and watched them all night.
Also Saturday, on our way to Zootopia (a must see!) we had a little shed hunt picnic. (I said, "Eric, are you well enough to shed hunt?" He said something to the effect of ,"I'll make it knowing I can sit in a theater and eat popcorn after!") At one point I looked around and realized it was pretty barren desert land, haha! We did not find a shed, but we saw some huge nests, a bounding deer, a little chipmunk, huge jackrabbits and the remains of two baby deer.
Climbing trees! We won't be able to see through them much longer...the buds are getting more and more ready to bloom each day. 
We took Ram to his second wrestling tournament in Beaver on Friday. He did great! He got 2nd in his round robin again. He won his first match, 10-2, he lost his second match 13-6, and then he got his first pin on his last match! Woot! He sure loves it!!
And, I did some serious reminiscing on Leap Day this year of all my leaping days of the past. Those were some good times.