Tuesday, May 31, 2016

12th Anniversary

For our anniversary, we thought we would go back to where we went for our Honeymoon....that's right, Boise Idaho!! We stayed at a Hilton and the Anniversary Inn. It was the perfect get-away! We had a lot of down time to just relax, eat amazing and delicious food, and to watch movies!! Plus we got to go to the temple where I saw a former student who is currently serving his full-time mission in Boise!

 Tucanos was just one of the delicious food stops we enjoyed! Others included Buffalo Wild Wings, Olive Garden, and a Creperie!
 We took the short drive to Nampa, because a young man in my ward had just received his mission call to Nampa!
 Boise Temple!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

CharlyAnn's Tball!

My babies just keep growing up, how does this happen? CharlyAnn is finally old enough to get treats for being on a team!! And she has been loving it. Plus, she's pretty good at doing what her coaches say in tball! She's always in ready position on defense, and it's adorable! And she puts all of her muscle into her swings. So presh! 

Eric's first ring ceremony-May6

Eric got to do a ring ceremony for one of his former seminary students, Sami Lindgren and her husband Cody Scott. They got married in the Manti temple, but had several family members who couldn't be there, so they wanted to do this for him. Eric did a fabulous job and made it really nice for everyone there. And I had never been to a ring ceremony before, so it was a fun new experience. But the best part was, they had already been married in the temple!! Good choice!

CharlyAnn's Dance recital-May 7

CharlyAnn is my favorite CharlyAnn I've ever had. She paid the price early as a potato alien bug bald stick, and so now and forever more she is as charming and adorable as any child could ever be. And so when you put make-up, fancy hair, and cute dance outfits on...Oh man. My heart could explode. And this year they had a daddy doughter dance...and so my heart actually did explode. It was too presh. Maybe dad will share the video he got with me. Or maybe he already did since I never check blogs anymore... :)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring carnival and other fun

Here are a lot of little glimpses into the fun we have!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Two Danielles!

Our favorite Danielle got married on May 7 to Zachary Smith in the Manti temple. We got to go! We were actually a tad bit late for the sealing, but we were there for the hugs :) then we got to take the whole family to the luncheon. We love Danielle and are so grateful for her example to our Emery Danielle!

Monday, May 9, 2016

I wish I weren't behind on blogging

Our life is so full and blessed-I can not quit blogging! The record is too valuable! In an effort to keep going, here are some pictures from April 23. We went to Thanksgiving Point tulip festival, and then we took Ally, Viana and Brooke to see our favorite Lexi in a community production of Seussical! It was so fun!