Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bro. Cornelsen is BACK!!!!

Bro. Steve Cornelsen has returned to Utah! Steve was the seminary teacher that welcomed me and my family to Monroe--he trained me and showed me all the ropes! We only got to teach together for a year and a half before he moved to Virginia. Well, the Lord makes amazing things happen and just this summer he and his family accepted an assignment to teach Institute at Snow College, so he is even back in our Area. I was trying to sneak a selfie without him knowing at our first meeting together. He is such a great man and I'm so glad that I will get to see him much more regularly now!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Girls' Camp

We also went to Girls' Camp!! We only got to go up for one evening, but we just so happened to be there for Cafe Rio burrito night...not a big deal, right? So, CJ is kind of massively obsessed with Girls' Camp--maybe I should have let her write this one. But hey, one of my favorite parts of being Bishop is getting to work with the young women. They are so fun, so awesome and the leaders are great! We had a great time and they even gave me and CJ time to share a lesson and our testimonies. Their theme was "Let it Glow!" So everything was Frozen-themed. The camp was on the mountains above Beaver, Utah...it was a beautiful location. Not sure how this was the only picture I got, but CJ kind of stands out in the red shirt, don't ya think? Also notice the crazy camp glasses :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Ram and CharlyAnn in their superhero costumes above! And CharlyAnn (below) posing with her new curtain, which is actually just new to her. I'm pretty sure this Finding Nemo curtain hung in our Wyview Apartment! But it was great timing for the release of Finding Dory (which we saw 3 times in theaters :) )
CJ loves her special drinks, here is a pic from a Winger's lunch date we got in during the summer:

Uncle Matt came to visit on Father's Day weekend and brought these delicious very realistic looking watermelon cookies. If you look, you can see Emery's face is covered in pink frosting, but she wouldn't touch the green watermelon rind!

Thanks Uncle Matt! Below is Viana's Father's day poem:
Yum!! Sagebrush! Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Salad is one of CJ's favorite! I texted this picture to Nathan Pacheco (Sagebrush is his favorite) and he replied with: "You should ask if they deliver" ...he lives in Nashville :)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Ram's baseball

Seeing how Eric is the one that had these pics on his phone he is going to the post! :)

Ram had a great time playing coach pitch baseball (he never did tee-ball, so this was his first year playing. They have tees there, that you can see in the picture, where if the player hasn't hit on their first three pitches then they got to hit off the tee). We were so proud of this little boy and his good work. Should I mention that I had to bribe him with a video game to sign up? Lego Batman 2 has been a good addition :)