Friday, November 25, 2016

Nathan Pacheco!

Nathan and David Archuleta did a Christmas tour this year-which we knew we would like to go to...but I put it off and put it off because I'm cheap, and it seemed so far away. Well, eventually it was two days before the concert and we didn't have tickets yet. Eric said, We have to go! So, we looked up tix. There were TWO LEFT! It was an omen, so we bought them :) The concert was in the good ol' BYU De Jong concert hall. It was such a good concert and so so fun!! Plus, we always love seeing natahn afterward and love having confirmed that we are actual friends!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Fall Break!!

The kids worked so hard all summer and fall to save money so that we could go to the Disneyland halloween party-mostly babysitting themselves while momma was at cross country-and they did it! They earned almost $500! So, we booked our trip! And, since we baught Suva, we got to invite 2 friends! We chose Devan Wilson and Porter Obray. They were good sports dressing up like Woody and Aurg to go along with our Toy Story crew. We had a blast! Including our pre-party beach trip and our post party stop in Las Vegas to see movie cars!

2 years down...

Well, Bishop life is just pretty normal now-a-days. We haven't freaked out about Eric being a bishop for a while now. The newness has worn off. The blessings continue to pour down on our family and the great Monroe 4th ward though!!

Nov. 23, 2014: Sunday before Thanksgiving

Nov. 20, 2016- 102 Sundays later!!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

BYU football!

Eric gets a sweet hook-up from the BYU recruiter becasue of the help he gives him...BYU football tickets! We get them so we can bring prospective students to see BYU. And, thisyear we got enough to bring Viana, Brooke and Emery too! (Grandma and Grandad kept Ram and Char!) We brought two seniors with us; Keirsten Strait and Kaylee Johnson-neither of whom are going to BYU, but that's ok! We went to the SUU game because the Logan and Patty Baker were two of Eric's students who know play for SUU!
 Logan is #14, and Patty is #49
 When we got to Will call to pick up our tickets they couldn't find them-so they gave us the very best seats available! We got to sit in real chairs about 19 rows up? It was sweet!

 I love BYU and I love football, so I really love BYU football! We won, duh.

 Afterwards we went to eat at India Palace, it was soooooo good, and the kids loved it-which was really fun!!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran's Day

The 5th grade put on a nice program for Veteran's Day at the elementary school. Viana was great. But, I must say my favorite part was that all the kids were supposed to wear white shirts. Well, not everyone owns plain white shirts, so some kids came with a nike swoosh, or a star or something on their the teachers had them wear their shirt backwards, or turn them inside out. It was pretty funny to see all these little tags at their throats or watch them turn around in one of the dance movements and see all these logos!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


So, for many reasons, our family was dabbling in the idea of saving up for a new vehicle. We're talking in a year or two maybe we would get one. But once Eric and I started talking about what we liked or didn't like and what we needed and why we needed to upgrade I started getting excited. Plus, for realz, I babysit a million kids and needed to drive them all over a little more safely. So I started researching vehicles and we both fell in love with the Ford Transit. I have a BYU friend that had recently purchased one, so I talked to her about pros and cons and what I should look for and made a nice little list for myself of must haves (sliding door, ecoboost, >25,000 miles, back-up camera, right price, etc.) There's this car dealership on the way to mom and dads that always had Ford Transits on the lot, so one day Eric and I went and test drove one, and I was IN LOVE! It was literally my dream car! So, then it was serious. We went to talk to our friend who manages the Ford dealership in town, and I thought we would go in, I would tell him the exact specs I needed and that he would scour the country over the next year to find me the perfect match. Well. We went in, I told him everything, he sort of looked at me funny and said, "Um, that vehicle is on my lot." And straight up-my car was sitting in Richfield waiting for me!! So, we just stopped in on a Friday on our way up to mom and dads to pick-up CharlyAnn, and 3 hours later we drove up in Suva! (Named because  of the big white vans Eric had in his mission). We got a great deal and perfect car and I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It has been perfect for my babysitting, it was awesome for cross country and it is so fun to "road trip" with the fam in! And it is legit such a smooth awesome drive. 

 Haha, Emery slept through it all!!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Couple Cute Pics

Just because Emery is a super cute Zurg!! :)
 And I can't believe I missed putting this picture up with my Broadway Review post, but this is cute Brooke with our friend VaNia Grant--she also sang a song from Les Mis, so they matched :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Monroe Fishing Pond!

We basically have a whole picture folder of Monroe fishing pond. Because even though you may have caught one fish or one hundred fish-it's still so exciting every time!! We went nearly everyday that we could--in fact we went so much, most of the children got tired of going! Except for CharlyAnn, we could always count on her wanting to go!

 (These two pictures are actually from a little adventure we took to the Salina pond because they stock catfish! But, we only caught brook trout-which was a fun change from our monroe pond rainbows!)