Sunday, December 25, 2016


Man, Christmas is just the best. We are always so blessed and it is so fun. I love it. We even had a white Christmas this year!
 Christmas eve we finsihed the book of Mormon, and then had our traditional scavenger hunt to find a new game to play. Except this year I wrapped up an old game that we don't get to play very often (Disney Cranium) The kids opened it and were like, "This is ours" Haha, but we still had fun playing!
 Christmas morning was a success! Santa came to our house!
We opened out Santa gifts then got ready for church. One hour church was lovely, then we came home, did our nativity and opened all the other presents. Here's what everyone deemed their favorite that morning...

Brooke's Cisco shirt that I made her

Emery's tablet

Ram's Flash shirt and hat

CharlyAnn couldn't chose, Elso, pony and Vet set.

Viana baking set

Momma's painting!

Daddy's PS4! (because momma got a killer deal on it. And I love him)

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Krista Hiatt said...

That's a painting!? Cool! That's funny the kids knew that game was your game haha