Friday, December 30, 2016

Last fun of 2016

 By a rare fluke we checked out Highland Glen, just incase you could fish on or in it somehow...and we found two teenage boys who had just succesfully ice fished that hooked us up with some holes and knowledge! Now we know we can fish ALL YEAR LONG!!! Holy cow. Ice fishing is fun!

 Also, we discovered with the Perez and Hiatt peeps that escape rooms are everything they're cracked up to be!! We had so much fun doing one, that we did another one the very next day!

 We were basically the champions of the world at escape rooms. twice.
 Colonel Brookers.
Oh hey, more ice fishing!! Never mind my dorky head gear...

 ...because LaDon's is dorkier! But who cares-because we successfully turned LaDon into a fisherman!! He caught FIVE fish!!


Krista Hiatt said...

Haha LaDon haha way to go on the ice fishing business!

Unknown said...

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