Sunday, December 3, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Wednesday= Drive from Meemaw's house to Richland Washington! Drive was nice; no traffic issues, no real big construction issues, and no weather issues!! Sweet. We had one major detour, which proved to be very beneficial. We went to see the Meridian Idaho Temple. And wow! It was impressive.

Thursday= Carters traditionally go to a movie on Thanksgiving Day (I STILL remember going to see Muppet's Christmas Carol when I was 10!!) and this year was no different. Lucky for us, Disney/Pixar's Coco had just come out. And it did not disappoint! Wow! Super fun movie! And the Frozen short before was great, too! CJ loved it! Kids all liked the whole shebang.
And Thanksgiving dinner was awesome!! It was just us 7 Eric Carters, plus my mom and dad. So a table of nine :)

Grandma worked super hard to make us a delicious meal. AND so many pies! Wow!! So many pies and they were sooo good! I think Coconut Cream emerged as the winner. But our CharlyAnn worked soooo hard to set the table. She did a super good job and we were so proud of her. :)
Friday= Of course CJ and I had to do some Black Friday shopping! We love that!! That actually started Thursday night. But it was sweet! Then we did some more on Friday, which also included Nathan Pacheco's Christmas album, "O, Holy Night" and yes you all should buy it! Friday was also the day that Jared's family got to join us! We had so much fun with them and were happy that Molly was back from college so we could spend Thanksgiving with her, too. And holy cow, little Natalie is growing so much and her and Emery had lots of fun. And when Emery was gone, CharlyAnn had so much with Natalie. Cousin time is great time!! We took a drive to Sunnyside to my dad's work, where Viana got an eye exam and a prescription for glasses. 
During one part of the exam Viana was struggling to see all the letters completely. Emery, the lone sibling to go with, could see the letters just fine. When Viana called out the last letter as an "O", Emery quickly and in no small voice exclaimed, "Viana it's a 'C'!", in what was actually kind of a whispered yell like the goofy kid in Biology trying to yell out an answer to a test question! Viana, in fact, did not even hear it. CJ and I died of laughter with tears pouring out of our eyes and rolling down our cheeks. :)
Saturday= We drove to Othello (Viana, Brooke and Emery accompanied the parentals while Ram and Char stayed at Grandma's) to my friend Mark Mollotte's house where a group of old high school buddies all gathered together and visited for awhile. Pretty sure we took ZERO pictures. Haha! We are winners for sure! Later that day we all went to the trampoline park, "Get Air!" It was so much fun for everyone. We loved it and the cousins had a great time and I got some sweet slow-mo videos too!

Sunday= We had breakfast at Grandma's and dinner at Meemaw's with Church in Baker City, Oregon in the middle. It turned into a 14 and a half hour travel day and was great. But man, did we pay for it trying to wake up for school/work the next morning.
>All in all we had so much fun at Grandma's house playing games and hanging out. Ram and the boys played video games and watched tv; Viana/Brooke and Molly/Emily went on a shopping excursion. And we just got to hang out, eat pie, play board games and card games, and the best of all was watching Wheel of Fortune!! Good times for sure. It was hard to leave!

Happy 4th Birthday Emery!!!

This little 4 year old had quite an exciting and adventurous day!! :)
We went to the bowling alley where we did cake, opened presents,
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...AND... got to play at the arcade!
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Then we went to see a movie that Emery has been wanting to see for a long time:

And it was a big success! The kids all loved it! And since we were in the area we swung by Meemaw's house to say a quick hello and then it was off to Salt Lake, through lots of traffic of course, to the place where Emery most wanted to go for her birthday...
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We had so much fun seeing all the Christmas Zoo Lights and seeing the few animals that we even got to see (Lions, Elephants, Lynx, Leopard, Sea Lion, Seal, Bald Eagles, and some sleeping monkeys; haha!) But the lights were great, not just because of the fun Christmas Music and Christmas lights, but because they were animal lights! Ya know, it was a Zoo!

We all enjoyed hot chocolate and churros to keep us going! Luckily it was not too cold of a night!
Riding the carousel was also lots of fun!! While we were waiting in line the kids were picking out which animal they wanted to ride on, and Emery kept saying she wanted to ride on the Mango with me. It was the cutest thing ever, and if you need translation, Mango was actually peacock :) But, crazy enough--the 2 boys in front of us went to the Mango before us! So we got the snake bench.

There were a couple of other animals that we also got to see who were there for a special engagement. Comet and Blitzen were live on the scene!!

They of course were there to transport their boss in red--that's right, Kris Kringle himself! Which made for a magical conclusion for all of us to our Emery's special day!

We love our Emery so much! She is such a joy in our life. She is such a smartie. We love how she can connect things from one situation to a completely different situation. Also, she is a master of order and patterns. She loves helping momma cook and learning which thing comes next, and then what's after that. When Daddy would do stage make-up for West Side Story, she loved to be in with him and know that after lotion, then you put on foundation. It is not just impressive, but super cute! Momma: Emery is such a delight. She brightens my day everyday. Since its just her at home now (well...with the 800 kids I babysit) I must be getting sentimental or something, because i will just stop in the middle of the day and stare at her and just be overwhelmed with love for her. She is just so cute and because she's so smart she says things all day long that keep me entertained and feeling super blessed! We love you Bembers!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

We went on a cruise

I don't know if I can say that a cruise is the best thing ever. But I can say a FREE cruise IS the Best Thing Ever!!!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Halloween Cookies!!

Who knew that I married a professional cookie decorator!!! It has been so much fun doing this with our kids! They love it!

 I called this next one: "Full moon over the cemetery!"

 And see what I was saying about my wife being professional! Check these next ones out! Way to go CJ!